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Главная » 2008 » Январь » 12
Короткое обновление, на сей раз касается грядущего патча 1.12

Items in green have passed the first phase of testing.

  • Eliminate the errors caused by transitioning with familiars summoned.
  • Fix the issue where the Use Magic Device skill takes priority over caster levels.
  • Allow Warlocks to be able to take crafting feats.
  • Eliminate area transition crashes.
  • Fix the issue where swapping spells on level-up makes characters invalid. (Fixed as of 1/11).
  • Update the Dedicated Server Creator to install NX1 files and model directories.
  • Provide more detail in the Multiplayer "missing file" error message.
  • Eliminate the item identification price discrepancies between the toolset and the price displayed in-game. (Fixed as of 1/11).
  • Fix 75 spells.
  • Make appropriate spells able to be scribed to a scroll.
  • Allow Armorrulestats.2da, and other files, to be readable from hak pack in-game.
  • Implement stealth animations for playable races. (Moved to a later Patch).
  • Fix issues with Invisibility.
  • Bind the player list to the P key.
  • Implement the UI feature to change portraits in-game.(Implemented as of 1/11).
  • Implement multi-server portal support.
  • Increase the dedicated server player limit to 120. (Fixed as of 1/11 - Player limit will be 96).
  • Implement the ability to change the loot bag appearance. (Moved to a later patch).
  • Natural AC is not working properly (Added to patch).
  • Losing points in UMD can cause items to be destroyed (Added to patch).
  • Spellcasting classes not adding together in regards to prerequisites for feats a ... Читать дальше »
  • Просмотров: 1467 | Добавил: Oranj | Дата: 12.01.2008 | Комментарии (0)

    Появилось еще несколько роликов, которые можно посмотреть здесь.

    Ссылка: Raptor

    Просмотров: 1290 | Добавил: Oranj | Дата: 12.01.2008 | Комментарии (0)

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