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Форум » Neverwinter Nights 1-2 » Общий » Вылеты, краши и прочие траблы при сетевой нвн2 (полезная инфа)
Вылеты, краши и прочие траблы при сетевой нвн2
BOGUSДата: Воскресенье, 31.08.2008, 06:28 | Сообщение # 1
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Вот полезная статья об этом деле, сам замучился с буржуйским БГ, потому что висну и вылетаю на загрузках до такой степени, что реложу весь комп.

Troubleshooting For Players – Or im crashing what do i do.This post often is related to crashing by the players. Please try to make sure you are taking proper preventative measures as found on PW Player Guidelines. These guidelines being followed will help reduce the number of problems by quite a bit, but if it is consistent the following might help. You also might find a solution in the troubleshooting topic, especially if you have the same problems in single player.

First of all what is a crash and what is a disconnect.

A disconnectis when you disconnect form the server, and you drop back to the main menu, or if you seem to lock up, when you wait long enough you eventually drop back to the main menu. The number lock key still working is a good sign this is the case. This could be an issue with the server, the internet, or heavy activity, but is not a crash.

A crashon the other hand will either result in your system seeming to lock up (You cannot turn number lock on or off), the game will shut down with no error message, the game will shut down and display a Microsoft ERROR message, or your computer may reboot (this is usually a video card or direct X issue).

Please report crashes that you experience in ( a thread on your PW or other offical thread ??? ) to allow obsidian to get enough information to correct the situation.

Many times if you are crashing, or disconnecting even, this is caused by the servers 2da files, PWC or other resources not being the same version as what are on your client computer you can Reset your player folder. To ensure nothing is wrong this technique will get rid of anything that is not supposed to be there (Assuming everything you've done has been in this folder, double check your override folder in your main program folder to ensure it is empty as well.)

Reset your Player folder. Go to your “My Documents” Folder or equivalent. Inside you will see a “Neverwinter Nights 2” folder. You can rename it ( for example “Old NWN Folder” or just delete it. After you do this start up the game and you will get a brand new clean “Neverwinter Nights 2” Folder. Run the updater for your world and you now have a clean play folder, doing this is a good idea whenever you start with a new PW-just rename folders so you can have one for each world, and if they install things it won't mess anything up for you on other worlds this way. (Your save game files, and ini setting for your interface (ui/custom/ and it's an ini file) are in this folder, and can be transfered out)

CrashingCrashing while transition or logging in
Corrupted Hotbar – Turn off your hotbars in options- interface and uncheck all 4 ( Arcane Scholars do this a lot ) If crashing stops, ask your dm to delete the hotbar nodes from your character file, play without hotbars, or create a new character.

Crashing while logging in
Corrupted character files – Try a different character to test, or create one. Inspect file to see if it is extremely large (DM or other means). Check and see if entire server crashed if you isolate to a single character, and if so contact a DM.
Crashing While Idle, Random Crashes
This can be caused by another player having one of these issues. Just double check that you are not the cause, check your files are up to date.
Crashing Entire OS / Video Card Issues
This is usually related to your video driver, make sure it is up to date. The ATI Catalysts driver (7.10 released on Oct 11) seems to have made things better for a lot of people
Disable AGP fastwrite. You can turn it off in your BIOS. If that option is not in your BIOS, Nvidia video card owners can download an application that does it for you here

Dual Core Crashes
Neverwinter is designed for single core, and dual cores report more crashes
But you can avoid this by setting the “affinity” to just a single core.
Start the game and then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL which brings up the task manager. Right click the nwn2main.exe process, then hit “Set Affinity...”
Then set the affinity to run on only one core by unchecking one of the boxes.
(There is a dual core hot fix, that helps some timing issues for XP running SP2, something about the power manager being incorrect... )
Familiar Crashes Transition only when you control your character, possessing a familar or similar can cause a crash.
Transition Crash While VFX on Weapon is visible.

While playing on the Legends of Arcadia( ) server I started experiencing transition crashes. I didn't know what the problem was. I tried all the solutions on the Self-Help but none of the solutions there helped. Finally, the quarterstaff I was carrying I noticed had a flaming spell effect on it. From which spell I'm not sure, however once I sold the quarterstaff my transition crashes ended. I then purchased a new quarterstaff to see if it was the item itself or the VFX of the spell. The new quarterstaff did not cause any transition problems. I suspect it was the VFX on the weapon that was causing the problem. Also, the spell's effects on the quarterstaff seemed to last for several days and between server reboots and crashes.

Turn Off Party AI Turn off party AI before transitioning is said to improve stability.
Lower Your Sound Settings
Completely turn off sound in your game, either to trouble shoot or just gain some performance.
[Sound Options]
Turn Off Movies
And if you crash too often, save yourself some time
[Display Options]
Disable Intro Movies=1
Reporting CrashesThere is an error log saved in your program directory.

To get detailed info on your system you can use DXDiag
To get your DXDiag you can go to Start -> Run and type in "DXDiag" (without the quotes) and press enter. A window will appear, after loading all your system information you can click "Save all information" and choose a location to store the text file. You may then attach it to your post.
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From Candlekeep Inn to Friendly Arm. Tavern for Dwarf also is a field off battle!
wartornДата: Воскресенье, 31.08.2008, 09:33 | Сообщение # 2
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спасибо, очень полезная информация
BOGUSДата: Воскресенье, 31.08.2008, 18:31 | Сообщение # 3
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кстати - удалил нафиг папку мои документы/Neverwinter nights 2, скопировав из неё пвс и хаки Балдура, которые вставил в новую, тьфу, тьфу, тьфу, чтоб не сглазить - всё стало нормально.

From Candlekeep Inn to Friendly Arm. Tavern for Dwarf also is a field off battle!
Форум » Neverwinter Nights 1-2 » Общий » Вылеты, краши и прочие траблы при сетевой нвн2 (полезная инфа)
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