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Прохождение компании Mask of the Betrayer
VladДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 09:34 | Сообщение # 31
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Как открыть в первой главе ту дверь в vault'e, перед которой клеричка стоит немогу открыть, кто ни буть помогите. cry cry

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alphysicДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 11:56 | Сообщение # 32
Two-weapon dancer
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Vlad, сначала нужно открыть другую дверь, справа от этой (если лицом к ней стоять). Ключ от нее у одного из троих рыцарей смерти. Потом добраться до печи и поговорить с духом священника. В разговоре он искомый ключ в первой главе не отдаст, но возможно, ключ можно украсть.

Сам я только во второй главе дверь в хранилище открыл.

VladДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 15:52 | Сообщение # 33
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Я открыл дверь 1 дверь и говорил со священником сначала с одним духом потом со вторым духом.

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alphysicДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:14 | Сообщение # 34
Two-weapon dancer
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Ну, все правильно. Теперь они с тобой не говорят, верно? Когда Окку победишь, приходи к ним снова, дадут ключ (или сам возьмешь).
VladДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:21 | Сообщение # 35
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Спасипо тебе пошол проходить. smile

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krez3dДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:25 | Сообщение # 36
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Ура biggrin . Проблему с выходом из кургана решил. Не знаю здесь это пишется или нет, но после удаления содержимого папки override (которая в папке Мои документы\...) все встало на свои места. Появились и голем, и медведь Окку, и монстры всякие.
BOGUSДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:27 | Сообщение # 37
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NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer

Act I

The Spirit Barrows
(Home of the Bear God, Okku)
Level 1
You'll awaken in a large chamber on a stone floor. The spirit forces are keeping you pinned down. As you look around, you see drawings on the walls depicting spirits acting out ancient rituals. Moments later there is a puff of smoke and you see a woman in red robes approaching you. It is Safiya, and if your lore is high, you'll recognize her as a Red Wizard of Thay. She dispels the spirit forces holding you and you rise. You will converse with Safiya for a bit, and then she will tell you that you need to leave as quickly as possible. In this initial dialog there is already a chance to gain or lose influence with her, so be careful with your responses. Gains and losses will appear on the screen. Checking your inventory, you will find you only have what you are wearing. You have no weapons. But Safiya will have a few in her inventory, along with the satchel you need for working with recipes. Take them from her unless your skills are less than hers. Arm yourself and move across the bridge to the next room. The area is empty so go to the left. As you approach a split in the trail, you meet the first of several enemies, Telthor wolverines. They are tough. At this point, you do not have the spirit meter, so you can rest. But resting is not as easy as it was in the OC. You will be attacked frequently. You should have gotten three healing potions and a healing kit from Safiya, but that is all you will have. So use them sparingly. Once you have defeated the enemy go into the room on the right. Along a wall, near the campfire, you will find your first treasure.
( A book, which mentions some history of a Betrayer - A scroll - Dagger +3)
Leave this room and go back to the trail and take it to the left now. Shortly ahead you'll run into a couple of Barrow Guardians, also a tough fight. Passed them a little further is the exit to the second level.

Level 2

Immediately entering the next level, you encounter a spirit wolf that goes by the name Kanata. There's an exchange of dialog, but soon you realize that he is not going to let you pass. That's when something totally unexpected happens. Something begins to well up inside you, and soon a shadowy figure exits your body. Without warning this shadowy entity blasts Kanata with some form of ray and destroys it. After a brief dialog with Safiya, you move on.
There are two exits from this room. Go to the right first. Taking the tunnel that leads northeast from the room, you'll meet more enemies as you reach a fork in the path. After the fight is over go to the right and it will lead you to a burial chamber, where you have to fight 1 or 2 Telthor Bears. Once they're dead, look by the mound for a treasure chest.
(Unidentified armor)
Exit the room and return to the main tunnel. Continuing north a few paces you'll see a room on the left. You may meet enemies here, if they were not drawn out by a previous combat. Also inside the room is a chest with treasure.
(Potion of Greater Heroism, Telthor Totem)
Leave the room, heading northeast. In just a few paces you'll find a trap blocking your path. If you don't have the skills to disable it, Sofia's familiar, Kaji, does. Just past the trap is another encounter with an enemy. Moving north you'll come to an icy chamber, and you'll encounter Orglash. Orglash guards the offerings left there, and tells you that if you tell him to, he will leave here and go with you. If you choose to destroy him, he is not real difficult, but only leaves a volatile essence. If you take him with you, he changes into a crystal and appears in your backpack. In the future you can call him to appear once a day, and the crystal can be used in a future special recipe. Whatever you do, when it is finished, pick up the two offerings lying on the floor
(Sacred Pouch, Ring of the Frozen Falls)
Hang onto the pouch, you will need it later. Leave the chamber and head south, back to the chamber you first appeared in. When you have reached it, follow the tunnel that heads northwest from the chamber. After the tunnel makes a turn to the left you see a small chamber ahead where you will meet more enemies. There is also a ancient chest here with treasure.
(Frost Harpoon)
Once you've dispatched them, follow the spur tunnel to the southwest, being careful of the trap at the beginning. At the end of the tunnel there is a door leading to an ancient Imaskari Forge. (Guides to this and another Imaskari chamber are at the end of this level). Turn back and head north through the small chamber and northwest into the next tunnel. Again you'll come to a fork in the path. For now take the path to the left. Right away you will meet another enemy, and shortly after, there is another trap. Right after the trap, another enemy. Once the last enemy is dead, continue north to the end of the tunnel, where you find a door to an Imaskari Library. Return to the fork in the path and take the way to the right. You'll enter a large ritual chamber and Safiya will mention that the door she came through has been closed. This is where you need the Sacred Pouch you picked up by Orglash. Place it in the offering bowl by the mound and the door will open. Leave the chamber through the opening and you'll meet two Telthor wolverines you must fight. Past them is the entrance to the next level.

Imaskari Forges

You enter the forges and find yourself in a dark hallway. Ahead it turns to the right, and there you'll see a door to the left and another straight ahead. Proceed to the door straight ahead first. Inside there are no enemies, but you will find a few old stone golems abandoned by the Imaskari. You find, talking to Safiya, that one of them can be resurrected. In here is also a workbench you'll use later. Exit the room and head to the other door. Be ready, for on the other side are two animated daggers and an animated warhammer, both formidable enemies. Once they are defeated, there are treasures to gather. Ahead, along the back wall is a lock box.
(Adamantine Ingot, Mithral Ingot, Hellfire Powder)
You'll need the Hellfire powder to animate the golem. Take it back to the workbench in the other room and give it to Safiya. The golem has no weapons, and I possessed no weapons it could use. You can use it to carry items, but once you leave the barrows, it will die. You can recover the items it was carrying. Return now to the room to the north and you'll find two weapon racks.
(Longsword +3, Assorted Arrows)
And there is a armor rack also.
(Breast Plate of the Hidden Imaskari)
Once you have all that, go to the east end of the room and there is another door. Inside is a blacksmith's workbench.
(Tower Shield - Mage Protector, Belt of Frost Giant Strength, Rapier - Elementals Ruin)
At the southern end of the room is a statue with a treasure.
(Imaskari Rod)
Now you can leave the forges and head north to the library.
Imaskari Library
Through the door, you will be at the end of a dark hallway which has a door at the far end. Be ready, for there are three Helmed Horrors on the other side. Another formidable enemy. When you have finished with them, across the room is a bookcase to the right, which contains:
(Scroll - Avasculate, Cacophonic Burst)
At the southwest corner of the room is a door to a side room. Behind the door are two more enemies. At the far end of the room is an archive.
(Scrolls - Power Word Petrify, Mass Death Ward)
This is all there is in the library, and you should now head back to the ritual chamber and enter the next level.

Level 3

You are now in the third and final level of the barrows. Follow the tunnel and just after it turns to the right you'll encounter the first enemies on this level. After dispatching them, the tunnel will have a turn to the left, and head north. Follow that branch, and go past the cross tunnel you come to, and keep heading north. Shortly pass the cross tunnel you will find your next set of enemies, Telthor bears. After them, keep going and you'll come to a chamber. Inside are more beast who attack you. Finish with them, and next to the mound in the center of the room is an ancient chest.
(Duskwood Bow, Fire Arrows, Amulet of Unyielding Will)
Once you have those items, return south to the main tunnel you entered on, and head east. Just passed the next cross tunnel your ambushed by more wolverines. Keep going straight, (east), until you come to a branch going southeast. This leads to another chamber containing enemies and another ancient wooden chest.
(Shroud of the Leopard, Sapphire, Blue Diamond)
Now you can go back to the main tunnel and go to the right. The tunnel will turn north, and you'll continue until you come to the next chamber. At the entrance you will be attacked by beasts. Once you have defeated them, proceed carefully toward the center of the room. There is a trap, just before the ancient wooden chest there.
(Telthor Legbone, Hide Armor +4)
At the bottom of the chamber are two exits. The one you entered through, and one going west. Take the one to the west. Follow it around until you come a split. Take the way that goes north. Up a little ways you'll see a large chamber approaching. Stop here! In this chamber you will encounter Okku, the Spirit Bear, and Lord of the Spirit Barrows. This is going to be a tough fight. You will have to fight him, plus he will summon several Telthor bears and wolverines to help him. My only advice is to concentrate on Okku. You need to kill him. Deal with the summoned creatures later. I found that the summoned creatures did not disappear after his death like they usually do. Once you have defeated Okku, go to the back of the throne mound and there is a chest there.
(Axe of the Bear King)
With Okku dead, the passage is now clear to leave the barrows. The exit is at the north end of the chamber.

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Welcome to the Rashmeni city of Musantir. Home of the Masked Witches. You arrive at Mulsantir right outside the city gates, and begin a dialog with Safiya. She tells you that you have come here to seek information from a woman called Lienna, who is a associate of Sofia's mother. This Lienna is supposed to be at a theater in the city. After Safiya changes her robes, (Red Witches aren't welcome in Rashemen), you head to the main gate. The construct golem is here, but has died. So remove any items you had it carrying. Right outside the gate you'll meet a traveling merchant, who asks you if you saw a large group of angry spirits on the road. You didn't, but you will later. If you ask the right questions, he'll show you what he has to sell. You notice that many of the items you sell have great value. But the prices for quality goods in this game are quite a bit higher than the OC. At this point, the most expensive thing I've found was just under a half a million in gold. And I expect to find things with an even higher price tag.
On to the city. Pass through the gates and make your way down the main street. Ahead on the right you'll see a gaily decorated, round, large building. That is the Veil Theater, where you will find Lienna. On the left side you can see the Mulsantir Bazaar, where you can buy and sell your goods to a couple different merchants. So if you need anything, now is the time to stock up. Once you enter the theater, you won't see the light of day for quite a while. So take care of business and head off to the theater.

The Veil Theater

Your going to want to make sure you are ready for a fight before entering. Right inside the theater you'll encounter your first battle and it is a tough one. It turns out that the bad guys are one step ahead of you and are waiting. A Red Wizard and his Gnoll henchmen are waiting inside to ambush you. You find out that there has been an uprising at the Red Wizard Academy in Thay. And they have been sent to stop you and Safiya. I would go after the wizard first, he is the most dangerous one. Kill the Gnolls afterwords.
When the battle is over, Lenna's assistant comes out and tells you that Lienna escaped through a portal into a "shadow theater", with more wizards and gnolls in pursuit. She'll give you a stone that will allow you to use the portal and go after Lienna. There is a door at the rear of the theater. Go through it into the next room. There are no enemies here, but there is a lock box here that you can use to store things, as the city of Mulsantir and the theater, will be your base of operations for a while. Like Duncans tavern was in the OC. When your ready move to one of two doors in the room, as both lead to the next room. Inside this room there are some Gnoll warriors, which should be one of the easier fights you'll have. Once they're dead then head to the east end of the room and find two Armoires with loot.
(Greater Robe of Eyes)
Head back to the west end and you'll find a complete set of benches, (Alchemist, Magician, Blacksmith, and Maskmaking), for your crafting needs. In the upper left corner, as you approach, a portal to the "shadow Veil" will appear. Click on it, and choose the option to enter.
Shadow Veil

The first thing you'll notice is the lack of color. The shadow realm is the opposite of what appears in the real world. There is no "resting" here. The second thing you'll notice the Red Wizard and his Succubus minions, trying to kill you. Getting around this place is not easy. After you've killed them, you'll find two loose scrolls.
(Summon Creature IV, Planar Binding)
There are also two chests in the room with loot.
(Gold, Wand of Summoning)
(Healers Kit +6, Potion of Heal)
In the upper left corner of the room are two doors. One is locked, and cannot be opened yet. The other leads to the next room. Entering the room you notice a table in the center. The sight of it brings back memories. If you choose to touch it, you'll have a long flashback sequence as you remember being put on the table and two women cutting the shard from your chest. There are no enemies in this room. But there are two chests with loot.
(Gold, Boots of Hardiness +3)
The exit to the next room is in the center of the upper wall. Be warned, there is a very tough battle in this next room. So make sure your ready for it. Upon entering the room you see a Red Wizard that goes by the name of Khai Khmun. A dialog starts, and you learn the fate of Lienna and Sofia's mother. In the end though, the battle ensues.
When it is over, there will be a short dialog between you and Safiya, about what just happened, and what to do next. It was decided to see Liennas assistant, Madra. Afterwords, head back to the portal and into the real, (prime), world again.


As you step through the front door of the Veil, you are greeted by three Masked Witches of Rashemen. They are quite upset with you. It seems, the spirit army the peddler spoke of is none other than Okku and his spirit army. They are at the gates demanding you be sent out. But the witches are thankful to you for dealing with the Red Wizards, so they allow you to go to the prison, to see if you can find any volunteers there to help you. Another fine mess you've gotten yourself into. As you leave to head for the prison, you are approached by two winged humanoids. It seems as though they lost their sister Kaelyn. And since you are able to get into the shadow lands, they ask you if you would go and find her. Of course you say yes. The only thing is, the portal you used before won't take you to where you need to go. You have to find the portal to Shadow Mulsantir. Head east along the road that's on the south side of the Veil. Through the large gate, all the way until it comes to an intersection at a temple. Turn left here and go up the hill for a ways. As you near the top of the hill you'll see a tent like structure on the left. It is the Temple of the Three. And the three are the same witches you met before. Speak with them, and they will mark your map with the location of the portal..The hitch is, the portal only appears at night. So if it's still daytime out, you need to wait. Now would be a good time to rest and stock up on supplies. You can use the rest option to just wait until dark. Using this does not heal you or reset your spells. When you are ready, head to the main gate and enter the portal.

From Candlekeep Inn to Friendly Arm. Tavern for Dwarf also is a field off battle!
VladДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:27 | Сообщение # 38
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Слушай Skirmir а ты не знаешь как пройти.

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BOGUSДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 16:33 | Сообщение # 39
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Shadow Mulsantir

No sooner do you step through the portal than you are attacked. Welcome to Shadow Mulsantir. Where your heading is the shadow version of the Temple of Kelemvor, and here it's called the Death Gods Vault. As you make your way there, you will encounter shadow creatures along the way. You can rest here, but more than likely you'll be attacked trying. And there are no shops or merchants here. Reaching the vault you'll see two Nightwalkers standing guard at the door. They will give a good fight. I found using Meteor Storm/Creature worked pretty well on them. Once they're dead go to the door, but be careful, it's trapped. You'll find yourself inside a very large room that is dark, save for a couple of dim lights. There are no enemies in this room. Moving further in, you will catch sight of a winged humanoid standing in the center of the room. You have found Kaelyn, and a long dialog session will begin. Once you've introduced youself, she tells you that she is there to gather information for a quest she's on. And she asks for your aid. You accept and tell her you'll help her and Kaelyn will join your party. Now that you ready to proceed, you move to the north end of the chamber. There you will notice two unusual paintings, depicting a battle of long ago. What catches you eye is the fact that one warrior is carrying what you realize is the Sword of Gith. The door the lower vault is locked and needs a special key. There are doors on the east and west sides of the room also. The door to the east is also locked and needs a key. The door to the west is open. There are mummy lords on either side as you walk in, who will attack you. Deal with them and look toward the center of the room. Near the first large post you'll see one of many "offering urns" scattered throughout the vault. Each contains gold, but if you take it Shadow Wraiths will come and attack you. Moving further into the room go down the stair to the lower level. Here you'll see bookcases which contain nothing of use. But near the corners, on tables or the floor, you'll find loose scrolls.
(Circle of Death, Acid Fog, Greater Shadow Conjuration, Delayed Blast Fireball
At the bottom of the steps you'll see a gong. Strike the gong and ghosts of scribes will appear. Go around the raised section to the rear of it. There you will see the ghost of the chief scribe. Talk to him and he will tell you that the High Priest of Myrkul has the key to the vault.
Now go back up the stair and go to your left. There is a door leading from this room to another one to the north. You'll cross a long narrow bridge and come to a large area wit an alter at the back wall. In front of the alter are three Death Knights. They will pay no attention to you until you go and speak to one. Then they will attack you. Be careful using large area magic effects. There are offering urns here, and if you destroy one, the wraiths will attack you. Once you have killed the death knights, check the corpses. One will have the key for the other room. Now you can head back out to the main chamber where you found Kaelyn. Go west to the other room with the locked door. Open the door, and be prepared to fight. There are more mummy lords inside here. After killing them, search the skeletal remains for loot.
(Gold, Potion of Heal, Scroll-Resurrection, Fire Agate)
At the back of the room is another doorway leading to a long hall. Go tot the left and go until you see another stair going down on your left. This is the Crematorium, and at the far end is the furnace. As you approach it, the ghost of the High Priest of Myrkul appears and you are attacked by many spirits. There are a lot of them, but they are not too hard to deal with. When you speak to the priest a long dialog will begin. Basically he speaks to a boy, and both are surprised that you can see and hear them. But they do not speak to you. Eventually the priest goes silent, because you will need to find something that will interest him (per your journal). Before leaving, check the upper levels on either side of the room. There are skeletal remains up there, and each contain a Fire Agate. There is nothing else you can do here now. Leave Shadow Mulsantir and return to the Prime, (real world). Remember, the spirits you killed earlier, can and eventually will return. So be careful.
Returning to Mulsantir, you still have Okku and the spirit army to deal with. So west to the prison. There you will ask each prisoner if they would join you in battle. The first two refuse, but the third will take your offer. It is Gann, and he is the next to Join the party. Gann is a Hagspawn and a shamen. When finished head for the main gate to meet with Kaelyn's sisters. Once outside the gate a dialog with Gann will start. He tells you that Okku gets his strength from the spirits that are with him. So he tells you that they should concentrate on killing the spirits first, in order to weaken Okku. It's good advice! With most of the spirits dead, Okku was weakened sufficiently enough to defeat him. OK, first the good news! Okku submits to you and offers to help you. Then all of a sudden, the thing that happened to you in the barrow, happens again. You begin to devour his spirit. But this time you manage to control it and stop it. Now, for the bad news. Okku explains to you what happened and what you have become. He tells you that you have become a "spirit eater". And that is why he wanted to kill you. None the less, he pledges to aid you in your quest. At this time the game takes over and introduces you to the new "spirit meter' you now have. What it is, and how to use it. Along with the powers it gives you. I suggest you study this carefully, as it has a great effect on you and the game.
In conversation with the others, it was decided that the next course of action should be to see the three witches again. When you are ready, head back into the city, to the temple of the three.
This concludes Act 1

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Act II
Welcome to Act 2 of the MotB walkthrough. As the party decided, your next stop is to see the three masked witches. Head to the temple of the three, and speak with Sheva Whitefeather. They will tell you that they know little of the affliction that you have but what is known from history. But she does tell you that someone known as the "Wood Man" may know more. He lives in Ashenwood, and had dealings with a spirit eater long ago. And that he may not be friendly. She also tells you that she will arrange for a ship to take you down river. You should go to the docks and find Vaszil, and he will take you. Sheva also tells you that Madra has been released and is back at the Veil. With that news, it's time to head back to the Veil and talk to Madra.
Back at the Veil, Madra and the rest of the troop are there. Question her and she will tell you what little she knows of Lenna's actions. But that she did hang with a Red wizard that looked very much like her. And she also tells you that Lienna had a secret room to which she has the key. Take the key from Madra and head to the bedroom. The secret room is in the Shadow Veil.
Stepping through the portal, the door to the secret room is in this room on the west side. There are no enemies in the room at this time. As you enter the room and move to the back, you notice an old golem standing still. You also notice several portals in the room. You can use some of your spirit energy to bring the Golem back to life. Speaking to the golem, you learn that someone recently left through a portal and that there are three visitors waiting to come through another. The same portal you were brought through. You can have the golem let them through if you wish. If you do, you find three wraiths, who were sent to the Meredelain to retrieve you from the wreckage of the final battle in the OC. Speak with them and you can learn of your former companions fate. And you also learn from them that Lienna got he idea of taking you from a group of witches, called the Slumbering Coven, who live in the ruins of a sunken city. But soon their manner becomes less friendly, and eventually they want revenge on Lienna. You tell them she is dead, and they decide to take their revenge out on you. You can pay them off also, with 1000 gold. After you have finished with them, return to the real world. It is time to head to the docks and find Vaszil. You'll find him at the northern end of the docks. You speak with him and he will tell you the secret word to make the boat go. (it's wendersnaven). Now that's original.
Ashenwood - Lake of Tears Garrison
The scene fades out and when it opens you are at the gates of the Lake of Tears Garrison. Immediately you see the garrison is being attacked. You rush to help, and find yourself fighting diseased forest creatures, shambling mounds and treants. When it's over Nadij will introduce herself to you. She will tell you that all is not well at the garrison, and this was the third attack. Something is in Ashenwood causing problems, and all the berserker's sent into Ashenwood to find what is wrong, are gone. You tell her that if you can gain entrance into the forest, you look for her missing men. You tell her your here to see the Wood Man, and that you are supposed to meet with Dalenka. She tells you that Dalenka is a cranky old woman that doesn't like strangers, and not to expect much from her. Dalenna's house is at the west end of the compound. In the house, you find Dalenka by her desk. You speak with her and she tells you that she knows who and what you are. Dalenka makes it clear that she will not aid you in any way, but she cannot prevent you from entering the forest. So it's back outside to speak with Nadij. She tells you that the a blight has taken over the forest and it has weakened the Wood Man. You will have to do something about the blight and clear out some invaders of a Telthor sanctuary. When you have done this, return to her and you will speak more of the Wood Man. She also tells you that she has two sisters near a red tree who my be of help, and they are located in the Immril Vale. Before you leave, if you need supplies, there is a woman called Odesya. She's a merchant near Dalenna's house.

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In Ashenwood, you'll run into roving bands of blighted Shambling Mounds and Treants. And their locations can sometimes be varied. Your going to want to head southeast, past the Burning Ash Tree, to an area where the trees seem to glow. Into this area a little and you will find a very old, large tree laying on the ground. It is Gnarlthorn, kind of a leader of the trees. He is suffering from wound he received from a spirit eater in the past. You offer to help remove the blight and he tells you, that you need to find two ingredients and mix them with a special pure water. Then you must travel to Immril Vale and pray to a God at a Red Tree. As you leave, he will give you some of his blighted leaves as one of the ingredients.
Head back to the burning tree and then go southwest. After fighting your way through more treants and mounds, you'll come to a map marker for a "burning grove". Once in the grove,, move into it and look to the left. You will find a "burnt out tree stump" there. To the left of the stump you'll find a "fire spirit". Speak to him and you'll find that he is burning the forest because the Wood Man punished him once. He will tell you that an old hag, the Witch of Winter tried to defeat him, but lost. From this you will get the second blighted ingredient. Head back to the marker and into Ashenwood again. You may notice some Fell Trolls nearby. Avoid them for now if you can, and we will come back here later. Now you need to head northeast. to an area with a lake and an island in the center. As you approach the lake you see a Telthor Berserker, who will tell of the Frost Giants who have taken over the refuge of the Telthors. You offer to rid the place of the giants, but he says that it is not enough. There is a tree there that was the refuge of a Dryad spirit long ago, and it left. And that the tree needs to be regenerated wit ha spirit to restore it. You can ask him if he'll allow you to take his to do it, but he will attack you. Or you can just attack him, or you can just leave him. Across the water you can see a large group of Frost Giants inhabiting the island. On the island is a tree stump which contains "pure water", you need for completing the formula for removing the blight. You're going to have to rid the island of the giants first. Go to the island and speak to the "frost giant jarl". He will tell how he was driven out of his own land and that he is jarl of this land now. The only way to get the giants to leave is to challenge the present jarl. Only he decides that a change in the rules is needed. You will have to fight all of the giants. Once you have defeated them, you become the "jarl" and banish them. Go over to the small tree stump labeled "sacred pool" and remove the water. In its place, put the brilliant spirit essence you should have in your inventory. This establishes a spirit on the island again. Now you must go back to the garrison and near the dock where the boat is, is a map marker to the Immril Vale.
Immril Vale
In the vale you'll find yourself on a long trail leading down a mountainside. Just down this trail you will come to the first of several Wyverns, which infest this area. At the bottom of the trail you will meet Nadij's to Telthor sisters, standing by the Red Tree. They will tell you how to pray to the gods using the tree, but little else is useful. They do mention a large rock in the vale that people say they get dreams from. And that there is an old hag here, somewhere. It's the Ice Hag, who you need to speak with about defeating the fire spirit in the burning grove. Combine your ingredients with the pure water, and then apply the mixture to yourself. Then reach out and touch the tree. You may get several options as to a prayer, the right one is obvious. Your prayer will be answered and you will receive a special salve. If you turn and go south, you'll pass the Moonstone Rock, the one the sisters were telling you of. Passed the stone, head southeast and cross the stream you will come to. You will know your in the right place because there will be snow around the area. You'll come to an old mine entrance. Go in the mine and as you turn to the right you'll be confronted by another Orglash. Once it 's dead proceed to the next turn in the tunnel. There you will find three hidden doors, all of which are locked. Open them and there will be a treasure in each one. In each is a chest, two are locked, and the last one is trapped.
(1 locked - Longsword +1)
(2 locked - Warhammer +3)
(3 trapped - Gnarlthorns Sacrifice)
Further down the tunnel is a door to the left leading into a room. There is a trap about half way in the room, and a pile of gold all the way in the back. There is also a glass case in the room with a very tough trap and lock.
(Hulmarras Emerald)
Now leave the room and go left into the last room. This is where the ice witch is. Speak to her and she will tell you she can give you something to help defeat the fire spirit with. But first you must go outside and get rid of all the ice and snow, then get rid of the two sisters by the tree. When you have done this, return to her, and she will give you a jar of special essence. There is a table behind her with three scrolls.
(Cone of Cold, Burst of Glacial Wrath, Polar Ray)
Once you have everything, head back to the big rock, Moonstone. Once you have reached the Base of the rock, then you will need to rest. You must use rest even if you don't need it. It will initiate the next sequence. You'll awake, alone, in a dream like landscape in a strange place. Follow the trail as it winds around. Soon it will make a sharp turn to the left. In the distance you will see a clearing with several people standing there. It looks innocent enough, but be prepared, you are in for a really tough battle. As you approach them, one of the men will speak to you. It seems they are guarding the one women and refer to her as the first. These people were once spirit eaters as yourself, and this woman in red is supposed to be the first. They are holding her prisoner for some reason. As you try to gain her freedom, they attack you. Once they are all dead, the woman in red will speak. She says she has been waiting for you, and that she has been waiting for you out of love. And that she has a piece of a mask for you, and that you will know when it is time to use it. She then fades as you awake. Now back with your party, at the base of the stone, you move off to the northeast to a map marker back to Ashenwood

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Arriving in Ashenwood, head southeast, back to Gnarlthorn. When you speak to him, he will tell you to use on the other trees. He has accepted his fate and wishes to die. After his death, apply the salve to one of the blighted tree there. The salve will cure the blight, but you will be attacked by some diseased treants afterwords.
Head back toward the burning tree, and keep your eye on the edge of the woods to the left. You will see an old campsite with a corpse.
(Ceremonies of the Hunt, Reverberating Crossbow of Pain)
Go southwest from there staying along the western edge. You'll come to the cave we passed before. As a warning, there are a couple tough enemies in there. Enter the cave and move along the tunnel. In a bit you'll come to the first chamber on the right. Beast from there will attack you. Once there dead, move along. There is no treasure here. Further on, another chamber on the right will come into view. Again beasts will attack again. Most of which are normal animals, but some are "paragon" beasts, and these are much stronger. After these have been killed, there is a dead troll here with loot.
(Belt of Mischief)
Head back into the tunnel and go north. A ways ahead, on the left, is the third chamber with more beasts and no treasure. Again, keep going north down the tunnel, until you come to the last chamber. Here there is but one beast. But a very difficult one, so be prepared. When it is dead, search the body for the "Legendary Blood". As of yet, I'm not sure if it has a purpose, but I assume it does. Now you can head back and exit the cave.
Outside the cave, go to your right. In a bit you'll see two people standing by the body of a third. When you get close you will hear them speaking to each other. Finally Yurkov speaks to you and begs for help. With that, Ferala attacks all of you. Farala will die fairly easily and you'll speak with Yurkov again. He and his wounded brother are from the garrison and were looking for the others when they were set upon by the priestess Ferala. The brother dies while you are talking and Yurkov sets out to look for more missing berserker's. Now it is time to return and speak to Nadij.

Lake of Tears Garrison
Once back at the garrison, speak with Nadij. She will tell you that she needs your help with one more thing. She tells you that she has suspected that Dalenka is a Durthan witch, and has been sabotaging the garrison. She wants you to aid her in overthrowing Dalenka. In order to do this you must convince at least three of the remaining berserker's to help. When you have achieved this then you must confront Dalenka with the charges. With three soldiers convinced, you enter Dalankas house and tell her she is accused of being a spy. Dalenka leaves the house to confront her accusers. Outside Dalenka accuses you of being a traitor and she and the other two soldiers attack you. Dalenka and the two die rather easy. Suddenly Nadij shows up and accuses you of being the cause of all the garrisons trouble, getting the three remaining berserker's to attack you while she escapes through the gate into Ashenwood. It seems as though you have been fooled by Nadij. But alas, all it not lost. Head int o Ashenwood after Nadij.
Once in Ashenwood. make your way to the burning tree. There you will find Nadij, or rather the body of Nadij which has been taken by a creature called a Genius Loci. There is a brief dialog as it tells you that has taken over the forest and needs Nadij's body to continue. It only needs one more thing. Your death. With that the Genius Loci seems to vanish as several Treants and Lumbering Mounds attack you. Let your companions fight them, for you must attack the source. The loci didn't vanish, but entered the body of the burning tree. You must attack that. Eventually you will strike it down, but it only transfers to one of the small trees on the mound here. There are four trees in all it will occupy, and you must attack it in all of them, eventually killing. As long as it lives more treants and mounds will keep appearing. Once you destroy the last vestige of the loci, it will die.
When it is dead, there will be a shaking of the ground as Wood Man appears from the earth. He will speak to you. He will explain to you what you are, and tell you the only thing you can do about your hunger is learn to control it, and use it for good. With that you use your power to restore life to Wood Man. He then vanishes.
This completes all quests in Ashenwood. Return to the dock outside the garrison and go to the marker there. Enter it and travel to the sunken city.
Sunken City
You arrive at a sandy beach on Lake Mulsantir, and you can see part of the city sticking out of the water. But there is no visible way of reaching it that you can see. Down near the shoreline, to the right you see a strange man walking. Walk over and speak to him. He says his name is Fentomy, and if your lore is high enough, you realize he is not from Rashemi. Indeed he is a Dao, and not from here. He ties to convince you he is just a fisherman. And he warns you not to stay on the beach at night. He then walks off and disappears. Nearby there is a book, a diary written by a man some time ago. It seems he would loot the dead bodies that were floating up on the beach. Until one night a strange black thing appeared on the beach, and a strange creature entered it. There is also a chest here.
(Alchemical Silver Dagger, Gold, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire)
Move west along the beach, and about half way, a group of Telthor animals will attack you. Keep going west until you come to a dead body.
(Studded Leather Armor +4, Gold)
Turn and go north to the back edge of the beach and you'll come to a beetle mound. Click on it and Fire Beetles will attack There is also loot in the mound.
(Boots of the Sun Soul, Gold, Healers Kit +10, Meteor Swarm, True Seeing)
Now all there is to do is wait for nightfall. Once it gets dark, a portal will appear on the shoreline. Enter the portal.

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On the other side you'll see a bridge that will get you to the city. In front of the bridge is Fentomy. He has an offer for you. He has a key to enter the city, you need it. He has a job he wants done, and for that he'll give you the key. You must kill a large Earth Elemental in one of the lower levels. You accept the job and get the key. After this you can explore the shoreline. To the west you find some Telthor beasts, and a dead body.
(Short Sword +4, Gold)
And to the east you will first run into Count Crowsfoots servant, in the shape of a bat. He warns you not to try and open the locked coffin. You can use Kaji to open it. If you do open it, both the count and the servant will attack you. Further along are more beasts, and another corpse.
(Gloves of the Long Death + 3, Robe of the Dark Moon, Gold)
Head back now and cross the bridge. About two thirds the way across, you'll meet Omaga, a merchant. From there you can see the main gates of the city. Go there and speak to the guards. You can try to bribe them, but they will tell you, that you must first get rid of all the others on the dock. If you fail to do this, or don't wish to, head around the building to the northeast. Here you will find a door leading in. It leads to the lowest level of the city. Be aware though, once you enter, you cannot leave. You must make your way through to the next level.
The Skein
Welcome to the Skein. Now that your in here, I would advise making a copy of the map, as this place is a maze. (The Map) You will encounter many enemies, mostly hagspawn and air elementals, but there are other things. Make sure you check the rooms your in for corpses, and loot them. There are many things to do in here, and if you do them in the wrong order, you won't get them all. I will tell you which way to turn to get to particular things. The rest you can explore on your own. From where you are follow the hall and make the first left. Go through the door and make the next right. At the next turn go right, then left at the next. Coming to an opening, go right. You'll come to a tee intersection, go right. Go through the door. There is an ancient Imaskari machine in the room, take the glass globe from it. Go back through the door and go straight, Left, then right, and through the door at the end. Kill the enemies in the room and search the bodies. Among the loot you'll find a Duergar War Axe. Keep it. You'll find a corpse in here. Use the globe to collect blood from it. Now you need to gather powder from an Air Elemental. You should have killed at least one by now. Collect it, and add to to the globe. You can explore more here and when you are done, return to the room with the machine. Place the globe back into the machine, and turn it on. This will attract air elementals to it. Now return to the hall where you made your first right turn. You should be able to tell where that was by using the game map.
From this point go down the hall west, right, then left. Go through the open area until you see a door on your left. Through this door is the huge Earth Elemental you need to get rid of for Fentomy. But not now. So keep going to the end and go right. Head north until you come to a door. Go through the door and keep heading north. Go through the next door, and continue north. Take the first right, then left, then right again. Go straight east now and the room will angle south to a hall. Don't enter the hall, instead turn left and go north. You'll come to a door. Go into this room and you'll a mixture of friendly survivors here. The is a Gnoll here. Trade him the Duergar Axe for the handle. Leave the room, and remember this point. There is more to explore to the east and south. Come back to this point when finished.
Once you are back here, make your way back to the room with the earth elemental. When you are in the room, go to the control panel and using the handle, turn off the force field holding it. Of course it attacks you. Doing this causes earth quakes, which close off some doorways, and opens others. Now head back out of the room, go north again, through the door you went through before. This time, once your in the room, go to the east, and you'll be able to enter a room you couldn't before. Be warned though, the toughest fight in this level is next. Your about to meet Gulk' Aush, the one who's been doing all the ranting and screeching you've heard. You will not kill her yet. She will give in when nearly defeated. She tell you her story and if you let her go, she'll give you a special gift. If you have Gann with you, you will learn the she is his mother. With this gift, you'll be able to enter the dreams of those who are sleeping. She will run off after telling you the way out is open. Go through the door to the east. There is only one way you can go. You'll come to a door, go through it.
You'll find yourself in a short hall that leads to a door. Open the door and step inside. Immediately you will be attacked by three hagspawn guards and their mistress. Once they are dead, examine the room. It's a strange room with a triangular raised floor. There are many things on it. There are corpses with loot. Some of which is:
(Gold, Red Wizard Robe, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Greater Restoration Scroll, Throwing Axes +3, Club +2}
There are also a Mind Flayer, a Bard, and a Wizard, all in a trance. And the Witches of the Slumbering Coven are here, behind a force field. They are sleeping, but you can use the gift from Gulk' Aush to enter their dreams. Only those with the power can enter with you. I believe the only one who can is Gann. I had Kaelyn, Safiya, and Okku. None of them could. So if Gann is not with you, you are alone. So pick one of the hags and enter the dream.

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You appear to be in the same room but on a different plane. You friends are not here. What you must do next is speak to the Bard, Wizard, or Mind Flayer, and enter their prison. You can choose anyone of them first.
The Bard.
You must free him, as you must free the others, each in their own way. The Bard is a gambler, and with him you must gamble. He'll play a game called the Hells. Very similar to a game called Mastermind. Where you must guess the correct color and order of the opponents four pegs. And you may try to win if you wish. But the bard needs money to leave. So it is to you to lose the game so he can win the money he needs to leave. Once he leaves, follow him through the portal. You find yourself in a large room, with large grotesque statues on the sides. At the end of the room is a man. You approach him and find it is the spirit of Araman, the leader of the Academy at Thay. He speaks of the mistake he made in following his brother. Soon a woman in red enters, who looks very much like Safiya. The dialog goes on for a bit until the woman becomes angry and attacks. Araman will aid you. When the woman and her minions are dead, return the way you came in. You be back in the room with the coven. Choose the Wizard or Mind Flayer next.
The Wizard
The wizard, Feras Windelhelm, it seems has gotten into trouble with the devil and is about to lose his soul. You can ignore him and speak to Enzibur, and he will tell you to disturb the circle at this feet. If you do this, he escapes and Feras attacks you. Once he's dead, you can leave. Or you must find a way for him to get out of his contract. Speak to him and he will briefly explain things. Then speak to the other man and he will give you a copy of the contract. Read through it, and question the wizard. You will learn that the wizard did not complete his last task on his own, but was forced to by the devil. Tell this to the other man, and he will have to release him from his debt. The key is the fifth thing Feras was supposed to do, and that was to kill someone. But Feras only wished for the wizard to disappear, and it was Enzibur who decided to kill him. You tell Enzibur it was he who killed the wizard and not Feras, so the contract is void. Enzibur will leave and you talk to Feras and tell him he is free. Feras will then leave and you follow. This time you'll find yourself on an icy ledge by the Wall of Souls. You see what is left of Bishop there, half embedded in the wall. He is mad, but none the less, speaks to you. With his last rant you are attacked. When the creatures are dead, return to Bishop. There will be something in his hand you need. It is a piece of a mask, similar to the one you received from the woman in red. Leave through the portal. Back in the first room, you need to choose the last one.
Mind Flayer
This one is simple, just a matter of timing. Tell the Mind Flayer you are here to rescue him, and he will follow you. The exit is all the way up to the left side. There is a Mind Slayer walking around. You need to avoid it. Go through the portal at the top.
You are now in the first room, but the forcefield around the coven is down. You may now ask them questions. All in all, you learn that your curse was started by the dead god Myrkul. And it is from he who must get the answer. As to how, you must go to the Academy of the red wizards and find Safiyas mother, Nefris, and see if she has or knows how. To do this, you must return to the shadow veil and speak to the guardian of the doors (the golem).
You will appear suddenly back in the room with your party. Go to the northwest corner and through the door. Go straight and up the stair and through the door. Speak to the first guard, and he will say he's glad you killed the mistress, and will move out of your way. The other guards will not attack. Just follow the boardwalk to the end. There will a portal at the end, just enter it, and you'll be back outside the city. Go down the dock and through the portal on the beach. Once back in the prime, you'll see Fentomy north of the beach. From him you will receive 100,000 gold. From Here go to the map marker and return to Mulsantir.
Back in Mulsantir
You'll arrive outside the gates. Hear there and enter the city. Once inside you move toward the Veil. You are soon stopped by a young named Ku'arra. She says that she is from the Wells of Larue, and that her uncle, Headman Ujuk want to explain some things to you about your gift. I agreed, although I have my doubts as to anyone who calls it a gift. So return to the map marker on go to the wells. When you arrive, you'll see a wall and a gate and a trail going to the right. Take the trail and you will come to a pool where Ku'arra will be waiting. She lead you to her uncle. After speaking with him, it is no doubt to you that it is a trap. They are shapeshifters who attack you. Disciples of the Spirit Eaters of old. After they are dead, return to the gate and enter it. There you will find a farmer who's daughter has been hexed by Gann and he wants revenge. I did nothing as Gann was not with me. With that I returned to Mulsantir again.
Once back, go straight to the Veil, and enter the portal after you have taken care of any business. Speak to the golem and he will open the portal to Thay and break the seals. You may now enter.
Wells of Larue
The Wells of Larue is just a waypoint in your travels. You can do it before or after Thay, but I will go over it here. First, make sure you take Gann with you. Exit Mulsantir and head to the map marker. When you arrive in the wells, there will be a farm ahead of you. Enter the farm and speak to Janiik. He sees Gann and accuses him of seducing his daughter, which Gann denies. They argue back and forth, then you decide to speak to the daughter Anya. Inside the farm house you speak to Anya, and she says that Gann has been visiting her in her dreams. He says it isn't him, and he believes she has created a imaginary Gann. You and Gann must enter her dream, after she is asleep. Go bacjk out and speak with Janiik. Then go back in the house and Anya will be standing but should be asleep. You and Gann will then enter her dream. The setting is the same as the Mooonstone rock dreamscape. Only it is just the spirit of Anya and her imaginary Gann. You speak and try to convince her that he is only make believe, but she refuses to believe. The phony Gann say that he will destroy you to protect her. They attack. I found going after Anya, who turns into a dragon, is the easiest target. Once she is gone, the phony Gann disappears. You leave through the portal. Speak to the real Anya back in the house, and the Janiik again outside.
Leave the farm and turn left immediately. Follow the trail for a short distance, and you will come to Ku' arra. She wants you to follow her to her grandfather Ujuk. Once you reach Ujuk, speak with him. Right away you realize the whole thing is a set up. They are really Uthraki, and want to devour you to gain the spirit eating power. Once they are dead, return the way you came. Before you can leave though, Ku' arra will attack you.
From the camp follow the trail back, but do not go all the way back to the farm. Take the first right turn in the trail. Follow that until it turns right again. Follow the trail all the way around until it comes to the Well of Larue. Here you will meet the spirits of Okkus relatives and tribe. They are angry with him for helping the spirit eater from long ago. And for following you. The attack you and you must kill them. When they are dead, turn and click on the water that is the well. Doing that you enter another dreamscape, only this time you are in a tunnel.Around the first corner of the tunnel you come to an old man. He says that he has been waiting for you, and to follow him. Follow him until you come to a large chamber that looks like the one you woke in at the start. There he points to a faceless man. This man is your enemy and you must kill him. Once he is dead, speak to he boy in the center of the chamber. It seems the boy is Amaran. And he has another piece of mask for you. With that the dream fades and you are back with you friends. Explore the rest of the area and return to the map marker. Now you can go to Thay, or where ever.

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You enter Thay standing on a trail on the side of a mountain. Move east down the trail until it turns left. As you move northwest, you'll be attacked by guards. Run down the trail until you can go up the hill. If you go too far up, you will be attacked by a group of red dragons. Go back down the hill once they are all dead, and head toward the gate. There guards will attack again. Move through the second gate to kill all the guards. When they are all dead move to the doors of the academy.
Once inside the academy you'll be met by Djafi, a former teacher of Safiya's. He will tell he knows little of what Nefris was doing and who to trust. He then returns to his classroom and you move on. At the intersection go right and then left, and you'll come to a door on your right. It is a classroom with no enemies. Through the door is Master Inarus's classroom. He makes exception of the spirit eaters presence and asks you to devour a soul as a demonstration for his students. If you do, he will give you a set of keys for several rooms in the instructors quarters. What ever you choose, do it and leave the room. Actually you need the keys to gain entrance to several rooms.
The room across the hall is the soul repository. We will come back to it later. Move north down the hall to the next door on the right. This room is the golem lab and you'll see two golems fighting. The teacher says he takes bets on the outcome. You may also choose to build your own and enter it. In this room there is a golem workbench with a golem hammer. There are also some parts, but they are junk. There is some loot.
(Construct Girdle)
Leave this room and continue north. At the intersection go to the right and in a bit there will be a door on the left. In this room are three enemies and no loot. To the east of that room is the stair down to the instructors quarters. We'll come back to that.
Across from the stairs is a door. This is a lab and in it is a friendly golem called Master Poruset and a cauldron.
(Grips of Gond)
Out of this room going west go to the end and turn right then left. Down this hall on the right is a door. Inside are three rogue students who attack you. Also in the room is some loot.
(Weighted Golem Arms)
Out this door into the hall and make the next right. Just around the corner is a door on the right. Inside is Selkhit, one of the teachers working on a problem. You can try to solve it by going into the next room and stand by the "control". The secret is to wait until only the mephits you want exchanged are by the door. Then click on the control. The nearest mephits on either side will exchange places. Once you have have all the same kind on both sides, return and speak with Selkhit. Also take the fragmented soul off the pedestal. Leave the room and head south to the next door on the right. This is another classroom with no enemies. There is no loot in the first room, so go to the door in the southwest corner. In this room is a crate.
(Anhurs Hand)
Go back to the hall and turn right and then left. Go to the corner at the other end and there will be a door on the right. In this room are three rogue students. Kill them and check the two tables.
(Mysterious Device, Club of Submission)
There is a door in the northeast corner to a room with three wraiths and a crate.
(Astral Rodent Charm)
Go back out to the hall and go left. Go straight until you come to the bookcase. Look for a vase.
(Lyonsbane Ring)
Now head back north and go down the stairs to the Instructors Quarters.
Instructors Quarters
At the bottom of the stair you'll see a four way intersection with a mirror in the center. ( I haven't figured out what the mirrors are for yet, but there are several of them). Turn left here and through the door on the end. This is Safiya's room, and it has some loot. (Golem Head, Golem Torso)
Now leave the room and go east through the intersection into the next hall straight ahead. There is a door on the right which is locked and needs a key. At the end of the hall is another door. In this room are some Gnoll guards, and some loot.
(Kitten Slippers)
Out the door now, make the next right turn. When you reach the large room go to the right and to the door at the southeast corner. Go through the door and you meet two great Pit Fiends. They certainly don't look it, but they are merchants. Do whatever trading you wish and leave.
Outside the door, turn right and go north until you come to a door on the right. There are no creatures in the room, but there is a chest.
Leave the room and take a right turn at the end of the hall. At the intersection turn right again, and go to the door at the end. Again there are no monsters, but two bookcases have loot.
(Golem Legs, Power Word Petrify, Touch of Idiocy)
Exit the room and proceed west down the hall until you come to a door on the right side. No enemies, but another bookcase with scrolls.
(Mass Aid, Burst of Glacial Wrath)
Exit the room and go west to the end of the hall, and enter the door there. There are two men in beds here. One you will recognize as Amon Jerro, or what is left of him. The other is called Beblu, and he tells you that Nefris took his soul and hid it, and put a special soul you will need in it's place. You need to find his soul in the repository, (#346), and switch them back. We'll get that later. For now exit the room and go right at the next corner. Pass the stair going up and turn right again and then west. You'll come to a door, which is the room you told Inarus you would stay out of. If you decide to enter, there are no monsters, but there is a bookcase and a chest.
(Banishment, Soul Holding)
Back out of this room and to the south is the last room. Inside is a elemental and a chest.
(Book of Waves)
Now that you have explored all the rooms here, go back up and go to the soul repository. Once there you will see three holders at the end of the free standing bookcases. But there is one more in the bookcase to the north. It will contain soul No. 346, and it is the one you need for Beblu. Return to him now and exchange souls.
Opening the Soul Lock Door
I'm giving this it's own section as there is a lot of running around. First, you already have one, the fractured soul from the mephits room. Getting the next one is easy. Head back upstairs and go to the Soul Repository and check out Soul #346. It's on the free standing bookcase at the north end. Take it back down and go and speak to Beblu, and tell him you have his soul. An exchange will take place and you will have one of the souls you need for the door.
For the third soul, we have to deal with all the mirrors. But first, head upstairs to the Head Mistresses quarters and go to the northwest corner of the room. There you will find a book. Open it and read the first part. You discover a key, take it. Now head back down to the Instructors quarters and head north to the locked door we passed when you first came down. The door will open, so head on in. There are no monsters. Follow the hall around until you come to a strange machine with a glowing orb nearby. Examine the orb and when it asks, take it. Now head back out to the main hall and go all the way to the south end. At the end you'll see a door almost right in front of you. Open it and go in. Again there are no monsters. As soon as you enter the room, there will be a table on your left.
(Potion of Heal)
Now go the east side of the room and check the bookcase.
(Burst of Glacial Wrath, Mass Aid)
Now right click on the bookcase and select bash, and destroy it. Behind it is a hidden door, open it and enter. Follow the hall until you came to the next door. Open that and enter the room. Here you will find another machine, similar to the other one. Now as far as the mirrors go, they have to be arranged so that a beam of light will be reflected from the first machine to this one. Ok, I could spend about two pages telling you how to do it, but it would be a lot easier if you use the map I made. It shows you how to position the mirrors and the route the beam takes. I provided a link here.

Добавлено (26.10.2007, 16:31)
Instructors Quarters
Once you have the mirrors set, return to the room with the first machine. The one you got the orb from. Stand directly in the center of the machine, bring up your inventory and you'll see that the orb is now an Activation stone. Right click on it, and activate it. A beam of light will burst forth for a few seconds. Now run back to the other machine, and when you get there, you'll see a reflection of yourself. Speak with it and then check your journal. The reflection has given you another soul.
Now you have three souls. So if you haven't already, go back up to the Headmistresses tower and examine the door in the northeast corner. The door requires for special souls to open. Head back down and go see the two Pit Fiend merchants. Speak with them and the subject of a fractured soul will come up. They have one and will trade you for a soul that has opposing traits.
Leave the room and go north and up the stair. Go into Master Porusets room and speak with him. You'll ask him if he can join two souls and he gives you a special permit to give to the golem at the repository. With it you can check out two souls. Go there and get souls #91 and #127, and return to Poruset. He'll tell you to place them in the forge. In a few seconds he'll give the joined souls. Return with this soul and speak to the fiends. They won't like it, but they will make the trade. Now you have your fourth soul. Your ready to through the door.
If you want to build a golem and fight it, then here's what I did. I had the "Stout Legs, Weighted Arms, Galvanizes Torso, and the regular head, you find on a bench in the golem classroom." I assembled it using the hammer you get on the golem workbench there. Then if your influence is high enough with Safiya, she'll put a little booster spell on it. The first three fights are pretty easy, but the last one, the "Maiden", is pretty tough. What I did was used a "Barkskin and Bears Endurence" potions on it, just before the fight. And it beat the Maiden with no problems. If you need a soul or two for Amon Jerro, you can get two of the students to bet theirs on the last fight.
Ammon Jerro's Soul. To get his soul you'll need to speak to the pit fiends again. They have it and they are not going to let it go cheap. They want 50,000 in gold and three souls. Now if you succeed in you "appraise" check, or if you have a high enough influence with Gann, you can get them down to 20,000 and two souls. If you raided all the rooms, you should have two already. One from the room in the northwest corner of the Instructors quarters, and the other in Master Inarus room. If you need the third one, there should be one more soul in the repository, #223. Or you can get two from the golem fights. The golem fighting is explained above. The only thing is, with the last fight, convince the teacher and one of the students to bet their souls.
Either way, once you have what you need, return to the fiends. Get Jerros soul and return to him. Once he has his soul returned you can speak to him. You can pump him and find out a lot about what happened at the end of the OC. And if you ask him, he'll join your party, and doesn't take up a regular slot. But he still whines like an old woman. LOL
The Boneyard
As you step through the portal, you enter a strange realm. A surrealistic place like you've never seen. As you round a bend in the trail, you come upon some guards. The captain speaks to you and asks if you are the spirit eater. You tell him you are, they allow you to pass. In a few paces the trail has turned into a great, huge skeleton. As you approach the skull, it speaks. It is the spirit of the long dead god Myrkul. As you questions him you will learn many things about your past and future. The spirit that is the spirit eater in you is that of Achris, brother of Araman. The one who led the first crusade against Myrkul. And you also learn that the sword of Gith awaits you, and that it is being held by some unknown ally. Myrkul said that you must lay siege to the city of judgment and tear your soul from the wall if you wish to survive.
When the dialog is almost over, you will be given a choice as to devour Myrkuls soul or not. If you don't then you just head to the exit portal and leave. If you do, then the guards will attack you. But Myrkul himself will do nothing. Whatever you choose, when you are finished, go to the portal and prepare for the next stage of your journey.
This concludes Act 2.

Добавлено (26.10.2007, 16:32)
The Founders Sanctum
As you step through the portal, you find yourself in a stone chamber. And in front or you are several Myrkulite, soldiers belonging to Araman. They attack you immediately. After you deal with them, go north and through the door, where there will be more of the guards in the next room. Head north again and follow the hall. You come to a large room the is completely empty except for one thing. It almost looks like a part of that machine you found in the instructors quarters at the academy. Step onto it and you are immediately transported to another room. You are set upon by several nightwalkers, the second you appear. Once you have killed them, check the west end of the room, as there is a chest
(Kepeturi Crest)
Step back onto the device and it will transport you back. When you arrive back in the room, look to the south and you'll see another door. We will leave it for now and head back to the hall going west, then south, to the next room back. In this room look along the southwest wall and there is a door there. It opens to a short hall with another transporter device at the end. Step on it and you are swept away to another room where you are set upon by three huge earth elementals. There is no treasure here so step back on the device and go back. Now we'll go back north to the last room. Go to the south end of the room and through the door. Again there is a short hall with another device at the end.
You arrive in a small semi-circular room with a door at the south wall. Stepping through the door and going down the short hall, you come to a larger room. As you step into it you see that Araman is here. He steps forward and speaks to you. You speak about the crusade and he tells you that he cannot allow you to pass into the next room, where the founder, (your secret ally), is. With that he and several myrkulite guards attack. This can be a fairly tough fight, So be prepared. Once you have defeated him, go through the door at the south wall. Once inside, the game takes over and you start a long dialog session with the Founder. You'll learn many things from her, and in the end she will give you the sword of Gith. When your finished with her, don't step into the portal yet. Behind it is a door. Through the door there is a long, narrow room. At the west end is a armor rack, and a chest at the east end.
(Thayen Knight Halfplate, Morningring)
Return now to the other room and step into the portal.
When you step through the portal, you find yourself in familiar surroundings. You are back in the Shadow Veil, in the room of doors. Head out of the room and into the portal there. Now you are back in Mulsantir, and you can change party members and do any trading you want. Once you are finished, you need to wait for nightfall if it isn't night already. Then go to the Shadow Mulsantir portal and enter it. Make your way back to the Death Gods Vault and go to the locked door leading to the lower level. Inserting the Sword of Gith into the door will unlock it.
Step through the doorway.

Death Gods Vault: Lower Level
Once you have entered the lower level you've made your first step from the world of men to the realms of the dead. Battles here will be more difficult, and you will have many choices to face.
Stepping into the portal takes you to a large stone chamber. There are no monsters or treasure here, only three doorways leading out. The doorway to the north is open, but we will wait on that way. Instead, go to the south wall and have Kaji unlock the door. Enter the doorway and follow the hall until it reaches the next door. Kaji can unlock this door, but first a warning. Inside this next room is a hall with three doors on either side. As you reach each door, it will open and a monster will come out and attack you. I'd advise you to move slowly and draw out only a few at a time. When you have killed all of them, search the rooms for treasure.
(Gold, Stinking Cloud, Potion of Heal, Halfplate +5, Ruby, Flourspar)
(Gold, Padded Armor +5, Greater Cloak of Protection vs Good, Robe of Acid Resistance, Chainmail +5)
Open the door at the west end and turn left. Go down the hall until you reach the next chamber. There will be more dangerous enemies here. You'll see two raised platforms here. Each contains several skeletons which contain gold. No other treasure.
No turn around and go back to the chamber you arrived in, and go to the door on the west wall. Kaji can unlock this one also. But when you open it, you will be attacked by several monsters. Once they're dead you can enter the hall on the other side. I'll tell you right now, there are two more doors there. But Kaji's skill wasn't high enough, and I could find no keys for them. So I don't know whats behind them yet. Head back out.
Now go to the open door to the north, and immediately go right. Have Kaji unlock this door, and open it. It is a library of some sort and there are monsters in here. Finish them off and search the room, and you will find some loose scrolls and a book.
(Lamentations of the Dead, Energy Drain, Create Greater Undead, Tome of Profane Rebirth)
There are bookcases here, but they are blocked by some sort of force field, which I could not penetrate. You can leave this room and go in the opposite direction down the hall.
As you make the turn in the hall, stop! There are several serious monsters ahead. You may want to ease your way in and lure a few out at a time, by running back. Once you have killed all of them all, you'll find several sarcophagi in the room. They all contain gold. At the north end of the room you see the Gate of the Betrayer. It also opens with the Sword of Gith.

Добавлено (26.10.2007, 16:32)
The Supplicants Gate
As I stepped into the portal behind the Betrayers Gate, a dialog session started where Safiya professed her love for my PC. It may be different for you, depending on your character. But it seems, as your about to step from the world of the living into the world of the dead, that this is the point where any romantic interests are brought to the surface and confirmed. With the vows taken or broken, the scene shifts to an open area where you are met by an outsider named Zoab. He confirms you are the spirit of Akashi, and if you intend on continuing the crusade. He'll you that there are spirits from the previous crusade who have sided with Kelemvor, and are at the gate to stop you. Note! What you say here can have a profound effect on the game. As to who sides with you in the coming war. Finally there is a short battle with the spirits, then another dialog session where you choose your next move. It will be either the Basilica of Lost Hope, or Eternity's End. As a note here, with this segment I will continue with the outcome of my choices in the dialog. I will do the other way later.
Basilica of Lost Hope
At the basilica you are to face the Voice of Kelemvor, and outsider guards. There is a brief dialog, but in the end he will tell you that he cannot let you pass. Again there is a short battle as you defeat the voice and his minion. On the lower east side of this room, is a sarcophagus.
(Cat Queens Claws)
Head north now and take the map marker to the next location.

Eternity's End
At the entrance to Eternity's End you are met by Rammaq, who tells you he needs you to find two tomes. One is the Tome of Ka'tai, and the other the Tome of Dolorus Sage. There are 4 vaults in the area and there are roving bands of Deathless Knights and Paladins of Kelemvor battling each other. I would advise helping the knights so you get rid of any enemies. Head down to the southwest corner of the map to the first vault. Enter the vault and as you step in you will be attack by some of Kelemvors Paladins and Clerics. When they're dead, there is a bookcase containing some scrolls.
(Sunbeam, Resurrection, Undeath's Eternal Foe, Greater Restoration)
Leave the vault and head east to the next one. When you enter it you are confronted by one of Kelemvors clerics, who tells you that the Tome of Ka'tai has been moved and is beyond your reach. He then attacks you. Kill him and leave the vault. There is nothing else here. Now go northwest to the next vault.
Inside the third vault you will be again attacked by paladins and clerics. Afterwords, check the bookcases, for some contain treasure.
(Storm of Vengeance, Power Word Kill, Mass Death Ward, Mass Heal, Greater Resurrection)
(Tome of Dolorus Sage)
(Potion of Heal, Potion of Speed, Potion of Lore)
(Shapechanger, Horrid Wilting, Gate)
You can head out and go back to Rammaq, because the fourth vault is locked and needs a special key. Rammaq is not too pleased that you failed to get the other book. But at least he doesn't turn on you. At least not yet. From here, go to the map marker and back to the Supplicants Gate. When you get there, the dragon is under attack, and request your help. When the fight is over, he tells you that a messenger is here to see you. He then leaves. The messenger tells you that the Scrivener wishes to speak to you at the Temple of Kelemvor, which turns out to be the vault with the locked door. Head there now.
Enter the temple and the Scrivener is there waiting. He says that he wants to make a deal. If you stop the attacks, he'll allow you to pass and look at the Codex of the Doomed, and find the location of your soul. You must choose to deal or kill him. Either way, your next stop is the Wall of the Faithless.
Wall of the Faithless
When you arrive Safiya sees something in wall from a distance. She thinks it is your soul. But as you approach, Kelemvor is there waiting. A dialog sequence begins and Kelemvor is angry with you for pursuing the crusade. But he will allow you to get your soul, and he asks that you restore Akachi. With that you approach the wall and begin trying to wrest your soul from it. Immediately you are attacked by three golems, but Zoab, and another planer are there to help. Finally you defeat the golems and pull your soul from the wall. But when you reach for it, something happens. You feel your soul rending it's way into your body. But you also feel the fragments of Akachi fighting to regain possession of you. The world begins to spin as you pass out.

Добавлено (26.10.2007, 16:33)
Dreamscape: Crossroads Keep
You find yourself in what appears to be the courtyard of Crossroads Keep, and all around you are your old friends. Suddenly the Red Woman approaches and speaks. She explains to you that the faceless man is here, and it is Akachi. And all over are bits of him appearing as robed monks. She tells you that you must fight them off or pieces of your memory will die. When she stops several robed figures appear and begin fighting the ghosts of your friends. Destroy them. When they are all dead go the the front door of the Keep. There a shadow of the Faceless man will attack you, but not for long. Open the Keep door and enter.
Dreamscape: West Harbor
Instead of finding yourself inside of the Keep, you find yourself in your old home town, West Harbor. You see your friends there, and as before, robed figures attack them. You must kill them.
Then move down the road to the big field where you fought the battle in the village, Long ago. As you approach, the Red Woman returns, and with her is the boy you met in the cave. They are all segments of Akachi's memory. They point to a portal in the distance. And tell you the Faceless man lies in there. And that you must face him. And as you come close to killing him, they will join you and help restore Akachi to his former self.
As you step into he portal, you find yourself in what appears to be a vast flat sandy plain. In the distance, the Faceless Man advances on you and soon you are in combat with him. It's is a fierce struggle, and he appears to weaken at times, only to regain his strength somehow. But if you can endure, eventually he falls. The Red Woman, and the boy come and join with him and with a blinding flash, the faceless man is gone, and you are alone in a dark dream. You see a portal, leave through it.
Wall of the Faithless
You are back in front of Kelemvor, victorious in your quest, free of the hunger. Akachi has gone to be with the other faithless souls, and now it is your turn to choose what path you will take next. The story ends with a long narrative telling the tale of our heroes future. And the future of the companions.

The End

From Candlekeep Inn to Friendly Arm. Tavern for Dwarf also is a field off battle!
VladДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 18:10 | Сообщение # 40
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А как победить короля медведей в 1 части.

Сохраним империю
skirmirДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 19:13 | Сообщение # 41
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Vlad, чтоб получить "ключ" от входа в нижний уровень храма надо разобраться с духом священника. Это возможно только во втором акте.
Перед тем как бить главного медведя надо прорядить его армию. Если с тобой Ганн, он крикнет когда Окку станет уязвим. Без Ганна я не пробовал.

BOGUS, обычные правила приличия требуют указать от куда взята информация. Это неуважение к чужому труду. Если есть причины не дающие указать прямую ссылку, надо указать сайт. Конечно иногда это забывают(даже я shy ), но такой объем информации обязывает.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
AnimaДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 19:44 | Сообщение # 42
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Люди - помогите!... Застрял в академии sad :

1. Не могу понять как получить душу за загадки с зеркалами.
2. Какие души надо соединить, чтобы обменять их у демонов?

Сорри, если это уже писалось, просто мне немного лень...)

skirmirДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 19:57 | Сообщение # 43
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1. Встань в начале луча на платформе и включи луч. На конце луча, на платформе будет сюрприз. Поставь компаньонов на первую платформу посмотри что выйдет wink .
2. Не помню числа, вроде меньшее и большее число. Из склада.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
AnimaДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 20:17 | Сообщение # 44
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Quote (skirmir)
1. Встань в начале луча на платформе и включи луч. На конце луча, на платформе будет сюрприз. Поставь компаньонов на первую платформу посмотри что выйдет .

Это я уже делал. Когда ставишь глав героя - луч становится белым, у компаньонов он отличается... Дело в том, что луч оканчивается не на второй платформе, а соседней комнате... Как зеркала ставить, то нужно?(

Quote (skirmir)
2. Не помню числа, вроде меньшее и большее число. Из склада.

Млин(( Дело в том, что я случайно отдал одну из душ со склада демонам, в обмен на душу Амман Джерро... И больше одной со склада я взять не могу... А на этаже преподователей вторую душу без номеера я нашёл только потом... Другого способа нету?(

skirmirДата: Пятница, 26.10.2007, 20:35 | Сообщение # 45
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Кликни на зеркало и оно повернется. поворачивай пока не будет нужного направления.
Не знаю можно или нет. Я Аммона Джеро прошляпил и прошел академию с тремя лишними душами.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
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