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Главная » 2007 » Сентябрь » 27 » Интересная информация об аддоне Маска Предателя
Интересная информация об аддоне Маска Предателя
1. Новые домены клерика

Chaos: Slippery Mind, 1 - Color Spray, 5 - Confusion
Cold: Cold Resistance 5, 2 - Creeping Cold, 3 - Hypothermia, 9 - Polar Ray
Darkness: Blind Fight, 2 - Blindness and Deafness, 5 - Shadow Conjuration, 7 - Power Word Blind
Dream: Immune to Sleep, 1 - Sleep, 4 - Phantasmal Killer, 7 - Hiss of Sleep
Law: Iron Will, 1 - Lionheart, 5 - Hold Monster, 7 - Mass Hold Person
Luck: Luck of Heroes, 3 - Freedom of Movement, 8 - Greater Spell Mantle
Time: Improved Initiative, 3 - Haste, 7 - Premonition
Undeath: Extra Turning, 2 - Animate Dead, 7 - Create Greater Undead
War: Weapon Focus, 4 - Flame Strike, 8 - Power Word Stun

2. Новые фиты
Armed Deflection
Armor Skin
Automatic Quicken Spell
Automatic Silent Spell
Automatic Still Spell
Bane of Enemies
Blazing Aura
Blinding Speed
Chorus of Heroism
Combat Insight
Damage Reduction
Dragon Companion
Dragon Shape
Eldritch Master
Epic Animal Companion
Epic Deflection
Epic Divine Might
Epic Dodge
Epic Eldritch Blast
Epic Energy Resistance
Epic Fiendish Resilience
Epic Fortitude
Epic Precision
Epic Prowess
Epic Rage
Epic Reflexes
Epic Resilience
Epic Spell: Damnation
Epic Spell: Entropic Husk
Epic Spell: Epic Gate
Epic Spell: Hellball
Epic Spell: Mass Fowl
Epic Spell: Vampiric Feast
Epic Spell Focus
Epic Spell Penetration
Epic Toughness
Epic Weapon Focus
Epic Weapon Specialization
Epic Will
Expose Weakness
Great Charisma
Great Constitution
Great Dexterity
Great Intelligence
Great Smiting
Great Strength
Great Wisdom
Hymn of Requiem
Improved Sneak Attack
Improved Spell Resistance
Improved Stunning Fist
Improved Whirlwind Attack
Last Stand
Magical Beast Wild Shape
One Shot
Overwhelming Critical
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
Planar Turning
Song of Requiem
Thundering Rage

3. Red Wizard

Race - Human only
Class - Specialist Wizard
Alignment - Any non-good
Skills - 8 ranks in Spellcraft
Feats - 1 metamagic or item creation feat other than Scribe Scroll, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration
Arcane Spellcasting - Able to cast third level arcane spells

Full spellcaster progression.

Special abilities
Enhanced specialization: +1 DC for spells from the Red Wizard's specialist school, +1 to attempts to penetrate spell resistance for spells from the Red Wizard's specialist school.
Specialist defense: Bonus on saving throws against spells from specialist school. This bonus is +1 at 1st level, +2 at 3rd level, +3 at 7th level, and +4 at 9th level.
Spell Power: At 2nd level, Red Wizards gain +1 effective caster level for determining level-dependant spell effects for all schools. This bonus increases by +1 every even-numbered Red Wizard level, to a maximum of +5 at 10th level.
Wizard Bonus feat: The Red Wizard gains a bonus metamagic or item creation feat at levels 5 and 10.

4. Stormlord

Prereqs: Fortitude +4
Toughness, Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus:Spear/Throwing Axe/Dart/Shuriken
Ability to cast 3rd level divine spells

HP: d8
BAB Medium
High Fort/Will saves
Skill points 2+ int
Class skills: bluff, concentration, alchemy, intimidate, lore, spellcraft

Spell prog: full divine

Electrical Resist: 5/- 1st level, 10/- 4th level, 15/- 7th level
Enhanced Weapons: Focused weapons count as +1 at 1st level, +2 at 6th, +3 at 9th
Shock Weapon: 2nd level - add 1d8 electricity damage to weapon for 20 rounds
Shocking Burst Weapon: 5th level - add 1d8 electrical, plus extra 2d8 on crit (4d8 on a x3 multiplier, 6d8 on x4). Also lasts 20 rounds
Shocking Burst and Sonic Weapon: as above but add 1d8 sonic to the base as well.
Electricity immunity: 9th level, immune to electrical damage
Extended Storm Avatar: 10th level, cast Storm Avatar as druid with caster level equal to character level, once per day. Same as Druid spell but with twice duration.

5. Spirit Shaman

BAB Medium
High Saves: Fort and Will
Base Skill points: 4+int
Class skills: concentration, craft alchemy, diplomacy, heal, lore, listen, spellcraft, spot, survival
Spells: Spontaneous divine from druid spell list. Wisdom of 10+ spell level for castable levels, Charisma determines DC.

Special Abilities:
Spirit guide - an internal personification of spirits grants Alertness feat at level one.
Chastise spirits - 2nd level - deal 1d4 damage/class level to all spirits in 30 feet. Will save for half. Used 3+cha modifier per day.
Detect spirits - 3rd level, spirit guide can detect nearby spirits (appears on minimap for 10 minutes).
Blessing of the spirits - 4th level, +2 deflection AC and +2 to saves versus attacks and effects of spirits.
Follow the guide: 5th level - if shaman fails a saving throw against mind-affecting spells, she may re-attempt at the save once only.
Ghost warrior: 6th level - ignore concealment and miss chances when fighting spirits.
WArding of the spirits 7th level - party version of Blessing of the Spirits, does not stack, once per day for 10minutes per shaman level.

Spirit form - 9th level, gain 50% concealment for 5 rounds once per day (twice at 15th, 3 times at 20th)
Recall spirit - 11th level, once per day can restore someone to life as per raise dead spell

Weaken spirits: 16th level - strip all spirits in 30ft radius of shaman by expending one use of Chastise spirits. The spirits lose all spell resistance, damage reduction and concealment. Lasts 1 round +1 round/3 class levels. Will save negates.

Spirit journey: 17th level - go ethereal for 1 round/class level.

Favored of the spirits: 19th level - heals 10hp/class level (max 150) once shaman hits 0hp once use per day. ((weird that you get this at 19th level, so its always going to be its max 150 HP of healing).

Spirit who walks: 20th level - permanently gains damage reduction 5/cold iron, +3 saves vs. enchantments, low-light vision.

6. Favored Soul

Hit point per level: d8

Skill points: 2 + Int modifier
Class skills: Concentration, Craft alchemy, Craft weapon, craft armor, Diplomacy, Heal, Lore, Parry and Spellcraft
Bab: Medium
high: Fortitude, Reflex, Will

Spells: Spontaneous divine from cleric list
must have Cha score of 10+ spell level to cast
DC modifier is Wisdom
Spell swapping like sorcerer.

Deity's weapon proficiency: gain proficiency feat that enables use of deity's favoured weapon

level 3 - weapon focus in deity's weapon
level 5 - energy resistance of 10/- in chosen energy type (choose a different type at level 10 and 15)
level 12 - weapon specialisation in deity's weapon
level 17 - cast haste 3 times/day (instead of wings!)
level 20 - damage reduction 10/alchemical silver or 10/cold iron

7. Новые инвокации варлоков

Otherworldly whispers (least)
Dread seizure (lesser)
Hindering blast (greater eldritch essence)
Binding blast (dark eldritch essence)

8. Прогрессия

БАБ и базовые спасы после 20го растут как обычно , причем так же как и обычно растет число атак , т.е. воин на 30м уровне будет иметь 6 базовых атак

9. Список новых спеллов (не эпик)

Touch of Fatigue (SW 0)
Lesser Vigor (Cleric 1, Druid 1)
Lionheart (Paladin 1)
Curse of the Impending Blades (Ranger 2, SW 2)
Creeping Cold (Druid 2)
Touch of Idiocy (SW 2)
Lesser Visage of the Deity (Cleric 3)
Mass Aid (Cleric 3)
Mass Lesser Vigor (Cleric 3, Druid 3)
Vigor (Cleric 3, Druid 3)
Mass Curse of Impending Blades (Bard 3, Ranger 3, SW 3)
Power word Maladroit (SW 3)
Power word Weaken (SW 3)
Greater Resistance (Bard 4, Cleric 4, Druid 4, SW 4)
Hypothermia (Cleric 4, Druid 3)
Recitation (Cleric 4)
Shout (Bard 4, SW 4)
Greater Creeping Cold (Druid 4)
Mass Contagion (Cleric 5, Druid 5, SW 6)
Wall of Dispel Magic (Cleric 5, SW 5)
Call Lightning Storm (Druid 5)
Heal Animal Companion (Druid 5, Ranger 3)
Cacophonic Burst (Bard 5, SW 5)
Glass Doppelganger (SW 5)
Power word Disable (SW 5)
Greater Shout (Bard 6, SW 8 )
Mass Bear's Endurance (Cleric 6, Druid 6, SW 6)
Mass Bull's Strength (Cleric 6, Druid 6, SW 6)
Mass Cat's Grace (Bard 6 , Druid 6, SW 6)
Mass Eagle's Splendor (Bard 6, Cleric 6, SW 6)
Mass Owl's Wisdom (Cleric 6, Druid 6, SW 6)
Mass Fox's Cunning (Bard 6, SW 6)
Superior Resistance (Bard 6, Cleric 6, Druid 6, SW 6)
Vigorous Cycle (Cleric 6, Druid 6)
Avasculate (SW 7)
Hiss of Sleep (SW 7)
Power word Blind (SW 7)
Solipsism (SW 7)
Power Word Petrify (SW 8 )
Mass Death Ward (cleric 8, Druid 9)
Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (Cleric 8, SW 8 )
Greater Visage of the Deity (Cleric 9, Paladin 4)
Mass Drown (Druid 9)
Burst of Glacial Wrath (SW 9)
Shadow Simulacrum (SW 9)

SW = sorcerer, wizard

10. Краткое описание некоторых новых фитов

Armed Deflection: Dex 21, Int 13, Wis 15, Combat Exp, Epic WF, WF. Automatically deflect first ranged attack per round.
Blazing Aura: Wis 25, Diamond Soul. Standard action, +1d10 fire per attack, attackers in melee take 1d6 fire (hits and misses), 5 rounds + 1/Wis mod, 20 rounds CD.
Combat Insight: Int 19, Combat Exp, Epic Prowess, BAB 15. Int mod instead of Str mod to damage.
Chorus of Heroism: Bard 15, Perform 18, Song of Heroism. Song of Heroism for entire party, +4 dodge AC, +4 save, +4 temp hp/level, 5 rounds, 20 rounds CD.
Expose Weakness: Evasion, Epic Prowess. Full attack action, target takes Dex mod as damage per round for 5 rounds, ignores DR, AC -3.
Hymn of Requiem: Brd 21, Song of Requiem, Perform 30. Song of Requiem heals party, amount equals damage caused, divided among party, minimum Perform/3 per ally.
Last Stand: Epic Fort, Epic Prowess. Entire party gains 20d10 temp hp for 1 round/Cha mod, 2 rounds min, 1/day, standard action.
Magical Beast Wild Shape: Wis 25, WS 4/day. Celestial Leopard, Phase Spider, or Winter Wolf.
One Shot: Dex 27, PBS, IRS. Ranged attack ignoring concealment, deflection, deals max damage, crit guaranteed even against crit-immunes. 60 sec CD.
Rescue: Fort +12, Epic Toughness. Allies within 5 ft. take half damage, damage is taken by you instead. DR 2/-. Duration not documented.
Song of Requiem: Brd 21, Perform 24. Song damages enemies within 20 ft. for 5 rounds. Sonic damage equals 2*Perform, min damage per target is Perform/3.

11. Статы друидских драконов с драгон шейпа

Red Dragon
33 STR 10 DEX 23 CON, +18 natural AC
Attack damage: 2-16 + 11 + 1 piercing, 2-12 + 11 + 1 physical, 2-12 + 11 + 1 physical (Critical 20/x2)
150 temporary HP, Cold Vulnerability, True Seeing, 20 spell resistance
Immunity to: Mind spells, sneak attacks, paralysis, fire

Blue Dragon
29 STR 10 DEX 21 CON, +18 natural AC
Attack damage: 2-16 + 9 + 1 piercing, 2-12 + 9 + 1 physical, 2-12 + 9 + 1 physical (Critical 20/x2)
150 temporary HP, True Seeing, 18 spell resistance
Immunity to: Mind spells, Paralysis, Electricity (no sneak attack immunity)

Black Dragon
27 STR 10 DEX 21 CON, +18 natural AC
Attack damage: 2-16 + 8 + 1 piercing, 2-12 + 8 + 1 physical, 2-12 + 8 + 1 physical (Critical 20/x2)
150 temporary HP, True Seeing, 18 spell resistance
Immunity to: Acid, Paralysis, Mind spells, Sneak attacks

Информация: Nard

Просмотров: 1100 | Добавил: Oranj
Всего комментариев: 4
28.09.2007 Спам
4. Oranj (Oranj)
Это инфа с форума биовари, от тех, кто уже играет в Маску, так что 100% верить все же не стоит.

28.09.2007 Спам
3. Jack Air (Jack)
Насчет прогрессии это проверенная информация? В первой части как я помню из соображений баланса БаБ после 20 рос одинаково у всех...

28.09.2007 Спам
2. Oranj (Oranj)
Пока ничего не известно, читай и спрашивай на форуме. в теме Маска Предателя, думаю Nard нароет инфу

28.09.2007 Спам
1. Александр Николаевич (Lucius)
А можно поподробнее про новые спеллы варлока?

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