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Главная » 2007 » Июль » 5 » Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update
Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update
Кратко на русском:

1. В аддоне MotB будет введена новая система камеры, состоящая из двух режимов: Режим Персонажа и Режим Мульти-Выбор. Режим персонажа будет выдавать вид с кемерой позади персонажа (вид от третьего лица), а режим Мульти-Выбор будет аналогична той, что применяется в играх жанра RTS (стратегия в реальном времени). Теперь у игроков появится хорошая возможность играть с видом от персонажа или с видом всей группы.

2. Описаны консольные команды ДМа, которые будут введены в патче 1.07

3. На сайте Robinson Workshop разработали уникальные тайлы для тулсета. Скрины ниже.

4. Совсем скоро, 20 июля, открывается европейский НВН2 шард Dragon Coast: Shores of Haldun. Фичи и один скрин можно найти ниже. Адрес сайта Dragon Coast: Shores of Haldun. На сайте можно найти полную информацию и остальные скриншоты.

5. В патче 1.07 в тулсет будет добавлен Бронзовый дракон! Скрин ниже.

6. На следущей неделе будут выложены новые фан арты.

Материал на английском:

Welcome back to another NWN2 Community Update. This week, I am doing the Community Update a day early, due to a Holiday in the United States. Today's edition features some of the Console Commands that will be available to DMs in 1.07, a little information about Multi-Select, some changes to the camera and controls in Mask of The Betrayer, a look at an upcoming Persistent World, and a little surprise for patch 1.07.

The Multi-select system is going through a simple overhaul. The first part of which, that you should see, is that now, multi-selected parties should be able to perform their default actions. This means you will be able to open doors, pick locks, etc. without having to de-select your group now. Other changes will be forth-coming, but so far, this is the big change.

DM Console Commands in 1.07
I have been receiving a lot of requests for what script commands we are making available to DMs in the 1.07 patch. To answer this question I am going to post a good number of them, along with their descriptions:

SetCHA : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified CHA.
SetCON : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified CON.
SetDEX : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified DEX.
SetDieRollMode : Usage: 'SetDieRollMode (0/1/2). 0 = normal random die rolling. 1 = minimum die rolls. 2 = maximum die rolls.'
SetINT : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified INT.
SetSTR : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified STR.
SetWIS : Set the currently targeted creature to the specified WIS.
command : 'command <MATCH>' will return all commands that include any characters in the MATCH sequence.
commands : 'commands <MATCH>' will return all commands that include any characters in the MATCH sequence.
dm_getvarfloat : Returns the value of the specified variable.
dm_getvarint : Returns the value of the specified variable.
dm_getvarobject : Returns the value of the specified variable.
dm_getvarstring : Returns the value of the specified variable.
dm_giveXP : Gives the specified amount of XP to the current target.
dm_givegold : Gives the specified amount of gold to the current target.
dm_god : Turn player character invincible.
dm_jumptopoint : Jump to the specified points. Syntax is: float float.
dm_modifyage : Your current target will have its age adjusted by the value specified. Positive values will cause an increase, while negative values will cause a decrease.
dm_setCR : Your current target will have its challenge rating set to the value specified.
dm_setage : Your current target will have its age set to the value specified.
dm_setattackbase : Your current target will have its base attack bonus set to the value specified.
dm_setfaction : Your current target will have its faction set to the one specified in the command line.
dm_setfactionreputation : Where: faction1 and faction2 are the names of factions. x is an integer value indicating the value to set the reputation value to. Description: This function will set the reputation value for how faction2 feels about faction1 (0 is hostile, 100 is friendly).
dm_setspellresistance : Your current target will have its spell resistance set to the value specified.
dm_setvarfloat : Sets variable specified to the given value.
dm_setvarint : Sets variable specified to the given value.
dm_setvarobject : Sets variable specified to the given value.
dm_setvarstring : Sets variable specified to the given value.
givefeat : Usage: 'givefeat FEATID'
giveitem : Usage: 'giveitem ITEMTEMPLATE <AMOUNT>' Will create an item and add it to you inventory. If you don't specify an amount, it is assumed to be one.
givespell : Usage: 'givespell SPELLID SLOT'
givexp : Usage: 'givexp <AMOUNT>' Will give the supplied number of experience points, or enough to level up if no number is supplied
logcommands :
loggameeffects : Usage: 'loggameeffects'
logrunscript :
logserverai : Usage: 'logserverai'
portraitsave :
rain :
removefeat : Usage: 'removefeat FEATID'
resetlevels : Usage: 'resetlevels <OBJECT> <EXP>'
resetpackage :
resetstats :
resourcestats :
rs : Usage: 'runscript SCRIPTFILE <TARGET>' Will run the script. If <TARGET> is a valid object, the script will be run with that object as OBJECT_SELF.
runscript : Usage: 'runscript SCRIPTFILE <TARGET>' Will run the script. If <TARGET> is a valid object, the script will be run with that object as OBJECT_SELF.
takedamage : Usage: 'takedamage DAMAGE <TARGET>' - DAMAGE can be any number greater than zero. <TARGET> (optional) is the tag of the object you are trying to target
unpolymorph : Usage: 'unpolymorph'
usebehavior : Usage: 'usebehavior NUMBER' This will change the currently controlled creature to use designated behavior set from the NWN2_BehaviorParams.2da
usescriptset : Usage: 'usescriptset NUMBER' This will change the currently controlled creature to use designated script set from the nwn2_scriptsets.2da

MoTB Camera Changes
In Mask of The Betrayer, we will be implementing something called Play Modes. This will replace the current camera/control scheme in NWN2 with something a little bit more streamlined. Basically, there will be two play modes that can be configured from the Game Options screen - Character Mode and Strategy Mode. These modes will affect both the function of the camera and the controls for each mode, and are designed to be most efficient for the two primary styles of play – controlling a single character, and controlling a full party.

In Character Mode, the camera follows behind and over the shoulder of the currently controlled character. This mode is useful for getting a good look at your surroundings and exploring an area while focused on controlling an individual character.
While in Character Mode, by default, holding the Left Mouse Button down and moving the mouse to the left or right will turn the character. You can also turn by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. Holding down the Middle Mouse Button or pressing the Arrow keys will allow you to rotate the camera around the currently controlled character.

Strategy Mode is a top down Play Mode that is intended to make controlling a full party easier. This mode is most useful for controlling combat situations involving a full party of characters against a large number of enemies.
In Strategy Mode, by default, you can hold the Left Mouse Button to have your character move towards the mouse cursor. You can rotate the camera either by holding the Middle Mouse Button and moving the mouse, by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen, or by pressing the Arrow Keys.
Strategy Mode can also be configured to play more like a Real-Time Strategy game, with the camera unfocused from the currently character and with Marquee Select - the ability to click and drag a box around a character to control individual or multiple characters. Please see the Options Menu section for more details.

It's important to remember, that this functionality is a Work in Progress and may change before the release of the Mask of The Betrayer expansion.

Community Works
Today I am just going to be quiet for the Community Works section. That is because I get to show off the tilesets from the Robinson Workshop guys.

Here is the sewer tileset:

And the Multi-Level Deep Halls Tileset:

Persistent World Spotlight: Dragon Coast: Shores of Haldun
"The citizens of the former Kingdom of Haldun have regrouped in a new land, an untamed place where people struggle for power and resources. The young port city of New Haldun is a bastion of trade, greed and lawlessness. The races live in relative harmony, all in the pursuit of wealth and fame-or notoriety. As the fledgling city begins to prosper, eyes turn to the West, toward the great wall and the long-locked gates that shroud the land beyond the mountains in mystery and myth. The prince conducts his business in secret, building his fortune, alongside the merchant families in their never-ending quest for power. Across the Merchant Sea, the wizards of Soros turn their gaze toward this new jewel, and bide their time."

Compared to other NWN2 Persistant World, what does Shores of Haldun have to offer that makes it unique? To answer this question the DM staff has compiled a list of features that we like the most about SoH:

The new reputation system will take into account the major factions for characters, and this will determine how different NPCs react to them. This will be especially noticeable with merchants, though as one goes up in one faction, their fame/notoriety will have an equal and opposite affect when they deal with opposing factions.

Custom Items
As Shores of Haldun is a unique setting all the items you will come across in the game have been customized to fit the SoH setting.

Respawnable loot placeables
Instead of just using the standard NWN spawn system we are using a spawn system called NESS this time around. NESS allows for much more customizable spawning of monsters and also takes fewer resources than the standard system. Amongst some of the things NESS can do is a respawn of lootable placeables, meaning that in SoH many of our lootable placeables can be bashed to pieces to respawn at a later time. If you run into a locked chest and you do not have a rogue around, you can simply bash it now. We have also taken the arcane "Knock" spell into account this time so it will be useable with a larger number of locks than before.

In SoH it will be possible to get your hands on disguises that work effectively by temporarily changing a character's name while disguised. Disguises are put together by a body and a head piece, which both need to be equipped for it to take effect.

Custom Scripted Items
Shores of Haldun will have a variety of custom scripted items. Some examples are the single-use herbs and charms that have custom effects rather than just using the typical spell effects.

Random generated loot
Our head scripter Chevy has created a random generated loot system. Some may know such system from a game such as Diablo. Basicly it means your loot is randomly created with random properties however the properties are "intelligently" added. This means you aren't likely to find any +2 pickpocket double axes, but rather items with properties that actually make sense.

Wealth Cap
We have chosen to add a wealth cap to SoH which means a PC will at most be able to carry around set amount of gold pieces. We have chosen to do this in order to support game balance which is easily tipped by those who tend to collect insane amounts of money. This will make small valuable items (such as gems and jewellery) worth holding onto, so retaining a small fortune is still possible.

Solo friendly Dungeons
Whereas our previous incarnation of DC known as Erithorn's Might was mainly built for group-levelling we have chosen to make more of our dungeons more solo friendly for SoH. Also, we hope to have a better variety of dungeons this time around. We are aiming for at least three different dungeons for the various level groups: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 7-8, 9-10… etc.

Although some dungeons will unfortunately not be ready for our July launch date, more will be added as the server matures and the need for higher level dungeons increases. There will still be group-focused hunting areas, designed for parties rather than the solo explorer.

Essence System
SoH has an essence system. You can compare the essence system to a 'soul'. If you "die" in battle your soul is weakened and you will loose essence, however this essence regenerates over time. Spellcasters likewise drain their essence when they cast higher level spells. Depending on how high your essence is there are various bonuses or penalties. When you create a new character your essence start at 50.

Death only occurs in the party when everybody "dies" or when they leave a downed party member behind. Essence is still lost for losing all HP during a fight, but resurrection will be automatic as long as there are other party members nearby at the end of the battle.

Mentoring System
To encourage veterans to interact with newbies, we have in SoH incorporated a mentoring system. PCs can form a 2-person party, student and mentor: The student will then gain an XP bonus and the mentor gains essence. The student and mentor have to be of the same class and there will have to be a certain level difference upon the two.

The student will only gain the XP bonus if he's the one actually killing stuff, though. They learn nothing if the master is cutting everything down.

Be sure to check out Dragon Coast: Shores of Haldun.

A little Surprise in 1.07
Chances are, you've already seen the screenshot below. That's right, we're adding a Bronze Dragon model to the toolset in the 1.07 patch. This screenshot is a low-poly preview, but I think you can see how great this dragon looks.

Just a small thanks from us for the community.

That's it for this week's update. Next week we will take a look at some of the art in the Fan Art contest. If you would like to have your work or your persistent world featured in the Community Update, just send me a PM here or on the Bioware forums. Have a great week!

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05.07.2007 Спам
3. Nauris (skirmir)
Интересно , если слезно попросить , введут зелье "Туманной формы" на Раурине? То которое упоминается в предыдущем апдейте. Было бы прикольно happy .

05.07.2007 Спам
2. Oranj (Oranj)
Спасибо за ссылку wink

05.07.2007 Спам
1. Nauris (skirmir)
Рад что мои блуждания по нету в поиске информации о Маске Предателя пошли на пользу. up Занятный сайт , много интересностей.

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