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Главная » 2007 » Май » 8 » Бета версия патча 1.06 для игры Neverwinter Nights 2
Бета версия патча 1.06 для игры Neverwinter Nights 2
Вышла бета версия патча 1.06 для игры Neverwinter Nights 2.


Custom Content
--Several new UI customizability features. Among them, users can now set textures on UI objects via script, and users can set the state of progress bars via script.
--Spells that have multiple casting modes can now be cast from items (i.e., protection from evil, meteor swarm).
--Many new script functions have been added.
---- SetGUIObjectTexture()
---- UIObject_Misc_ExtractData()
---- UIObject_OnRadial_DisplayCustomRadial()
---- UIObject_Input_ActionTargetScript()
---- GetInfiniteFlag()
---- SetInfiniteFlag()
---- GetKeyRequiredFeedbackMessage()
---- SetKeyRequiredFeedbackMessage()
---- GetPickpocketableFlag()
---- SetPickpocketableFlag()
---- GetTrapActive()
---- SetWillSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
---- SetReflexSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
---- SetFortitudeSavingThrow() (Used for Doors and Placeables only)
---- SetLockKeyRequired()
---- SetLockKeyTag()
---- SetLockLockDC()
---- SetLockUnlockDC()
---- SetLockLockable()
---- SetHardness()
---- GetHardness()
---- GetAreaSize()
---- SetUseableFlag()
---- GetPlaceableLastClickedBy()
---- SetGUIProgressBarPosition()
---- IntToObject()
---- ObjectToInt()
--Placeables now have an OnClick event. This event will fire whenever a user clicks a placeable, regardless of whether the user can currently path to it.
--EffectSetScale() can now be used to scale creatures non-uniformally along different axes.
--SpeakOneLineConversation() now has a volume parameter that understands Whispers and Shouts.
--GetAttribute() now takes a parameter called nBaseAttribute=FALSE. If made TRUE, then the value returned will be the creature's BASE attribute instead of total.
--CreateItemOnObject() now has a 4th parameter that allows users to set the tag of the created item.

--Undo and Redo now work for Terrain, Grass, and Water painting.
--There are several new hot keys that alter Brush size and pressure in the toolset:
[ Brush size down 1
Shift + [ Brush outer size down 1
] Brush size up 1
Shift + ] Brush outer size up 1
- Pressure down 10%
Shift + - Pressure down 25%
= Pressure up 10%
Shift + = Pressure up 25%

--The Flatten tool has been modified to more gradually slope between its inner and outer height. Additionally, a Pressure setting has been added to the tool to determine how rapidly it applies the change, and the Inner value is now capped at 0 instead of 1.
--A new Cliff_08 texture has been added.



--“Greater Weapon Specialization (Light Hammer)” will no longer show up as “Greater Weapon Specialization (Flail)”
--The Dedicated Server will now load modules from directories as well as from .mod files. To load a module directory from the command line, use the following parameter: -moduledir
--Specular Lighting has been improved. Shiny objects should now look better than before.
--Trees and Objects that fade no longer lose their directional light shadow when faded out.
--ActionRest() will now properly utilize the bIgnoreNoRestFlag parameter.
--EffectHeal() can now restore the HP of doors and placeables.
--SetTrapActive() now works on Doors and Placeables as well as triggers.
--SetOrientOnDialog() now functions properly.
--ExportAllCharacters() and ExportSingleCharacters() will write to the server vault.

--Bestow Curse now reduces all of the target’s ability scores by 3 rather than 2.
--Energy Drain no longer allows a saving throw.
--The War Domain has been renamed to the Fury Domain, to allow future implementation of a more D&D-accurate War Domain.

2DA Changes
The following 2DA files have been changed in v1.06 Beta:

Если кто-то переведет, я выложу ссылку на ресурс. Если в кратце, то:

  • Undo и Redo в Тулсете теперь работает и для Рельефа, Травы и Воды
  • Горячие клавиши для изменения размера и давления кисти в Тулсете
    Остальное не очень важно. Судя по описанию, этот патч направлен на улучшение работы в тулсете и добавил новые фичи в него

    Скачать 1.05 -> 1.06 Beta = 50 Mb
    Скачать 1.06 Beta -> 1.05 = 28 Mb

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