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D&D 4th edition
skirmirДата: Вторник, 09.10.2007, 22:19 | Сообщение # 16
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Secret worlds and invisible domains surround the world of the Dungeons & Dragons game. Godly dominions, elemental chaos, shadow kingdoms, and faerie realms are all part of the world. Most mortals know little of these things, but heroes are a different matter. Heroes often find that adventure calls them to distant and strange dimensions indeed.

The Feywild
The closest of these alternate worlds is the Feywild, or the realm of faerie. It is an “echo” of the mortal world, a parallel dimension in which the natural features of the lands and seas are arranged in much the same configuration. If a mountain stands in a given place in the mortal world, a similar mountain stands in a corresponding place in the Feywild. However, the Feywild is not an exact reproduction. Built structures and terrains are not copied in the faerie realm, so a valley dotted with farm fields and towns in the mortal world would simply exist as untouched, unsettled woodland in the Feywild.

The Feywild’s many vistas can catch your breath with beauty, but the Feywild is far from safe. Heroes visiting to Feywild might encounter:

A mossy forest glade where evil druids spill the blood of hapless travelers over the roots of the thirsting trees;
The tower of an eladrin enchanter;
A fomorian king’s castle in the dim, splendid caverns of the faerie Underdark; or
A maze of thorns in which dryad briarwitches guard an evil relic.
The Shadowfell
Just as the Feywild is an echo of the natural world, so is the Shadowfell. However, the Shadowfell mimics the mortal world in a different manner. The Shadowfell is the land of the dead, where the spirits of the deceased linger for a time in a dark reflection of their previous lives before silently fading beyond all ken. Some undead creatures are born in the Shadowfell, and other undead are bound to it, but some living beings dwell in this benighted realm.

Like the Feywild, the Shadowfell also reflects the mortal world imperfectly. Towns, castles, roads, and other objects built by mortal kind exist in the Shadowfell about where they should be, but they are twisted, ruined caricatures. The shadowy echo of a thriving seaport in the mortal world might be a dilapidated, desolate port whose harbor is cluttered with the rotting hulks of shipwrecks and whose busy wharves are empty except for a few silent and furtive passersby. In the Shadowfell, heroes might venture into:

A necromancer’s tower;
The sinister castle of a shadar-kai lord, surrounded by a forest of black thorns;
A ruined city swept by long-ago plague and madness; or
The mist-shrouded winter realm of Letherna, where the fearsome Raven Queen rules over a kingdom of ghosts.
The Elemental Chaos
All of the cosmos is not tied to the mortal world as closely as the Feywild or Shadowfell. The natural world was created from the infinite expanse of the Elemental Chaos (or Tempest, or Maelstrom), a place where all fundamental matter and energy seethes. Floating continents of earth, rivers of fire, ice-choked oceans, and vast cyclones of churning clouds and lightning collide in the elemental plane.

Powerful beings tame vast portions of the chaos and shape it to their own desires. Here the efreeti City of Brass stands amid a desert of burning sand illuminated by searing rivers of fire falling through the sky. In other places in the Elemental Chaos, mighty mortal wizards or would-be demigods have erected secret refuges or tamed the living elements to build their domains.

Elemental creatures of all kinds live and move through the Elemental Chaos: ice archons, magma hurlers, thunderbirds, and salamanders. The most dangerous inhabitants are the demons. In the nadir of this realm lies the foul Abyss, the font of evil and corruption from which demonkind springs. The Abyss is unthinkably vast—thousands of miles in extent—and in its maw swirl hundreds of demonic domains, elemental islands, or continents sculpted to suit the tastes of one demon lord or another. Within the Elemental Chaos, heroes might explore:

The crystalline tower of a long-dead archmage;
A grim fortress monastery of githzerai adepts;
The diseased Abyssal continent where Demogorgon rules amid ruined temples and bloodthirsty jungle beasts; or
A vast polar sea lit only by the cold glitter of icebergs and flickering auroras, in which the frozen stronghold of a frost giant warlock lies hidden.
The Astral Sea
One final extradimensional realm touches on the mortal world: the Astral Sea. If the Elemental Chaos is the manifestation of physicality, the Astral Sea is a domain of the soul and mind. The divine realms, the dominions of the gods, drift within Astral Sea’s unlimited silver deeps. Some of these are realms of glory and splendor—the golden peak of Mount Celestia, the verdant forests of Arvandor…. Others belong to dark powers, such as the Nine Hells where Asmodeus governs his infernal kingdom. A few astral dominions lie abandoned, the ruined heavens and hells of gods and powers that have fallen.

Only the mightiest of heroes dare venture into the dominions of the gods themselves. In the Astral Sea, heroes may find:

The iron city of Dis, where the devil Dispater rules over a domain of misery and punishment in the second of the Nine Hells;
An artifact guarded by race of cursed warriors whose castle of adamantine overlooks the war-torn plains of Acheron;
The black tower of Vecna, hidden in the depths of Pandemonium; or
A dragon-guarded githyanki fortress, drifting through the silver sea.
No one is knows how many astral dominions there are. Some dominions, such as the Nine Hells, are the size of worlds. Others are no larger than cities, rising like shining islets from the Astral Sea. Several dominions have been ruined or abandoned, usually because the gods who made them were destroyed or forgotten. What sorts of treasures—or perils—might slumber in such places, only learned sages could say.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
skirmirДата: Вторник, 09.10.2007, 22:21 | Сообщение # 17
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In the real world, "demon" is synonymous with "devil." "Abyss" and "hell" have a similar relationship. D&D designers have struggled with these facts since 1977 when the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game depicted demons and devils, the Abyss and the Nine Hells. The original basis for the division was alignment. Aligned planes existed to provide a meaningful afterlife for similarly aligned characters, and a need to fill those planes with natives resulted in demons being distinct from devils. As the game evolved, the original division remained, but too many similarities persisted. The advent of 4th Edition lets us accentuate the differences between the two primary species of fiends.

Throughout demons' and devils' existence in the D&D game, resemblances between them have been stronger and more numerous than differences. Both species are extraplanar forces of evil that seek souls to supplement their numbers. Each breed has wretched and implike creatures at the bottom of the hierarchy and godlike archfiends at the top. Each member of both species has a wide array of similar (and often superfluous) supernatural powers. Most demons and devils are superior to members of typical PC races in every way, including incredible intelligence. Their purposes in the material world have always been similar.

In the original AD&D Monster Manual, Gary Gygax admitted that devils “somewhat resemble the demons both in their characteristics and abilities.” AD&D 2nd Edition kept the planar structure of the original game. Demons and devils became tanar’ri and baatezu, respectively, but little made them distinct other than their categorical names. Only a conflict called the Blood War kept them from overrunning the material world. However, this evil-on-evil fight didn’t expand the possibilities for typical D&D play. On the contrary, the Blood War brought the motivations and hierarchy of demons and devils closer together. The 3rd Edition of D&D retained so many of 2nd Edition’s concepts that it did little to clarify the situation until the release of Fiendish Codex I. 4th Edition changes all that.

In 4th Edition, the Nine Hells are an astral dominion among other deific abodes in the Astral Sea (more on that in an upcoming Design & Development column). The resident deity is Asmodeus, who as an angel in primeval times, led an army of his fellows against his celestial master and murdered that god. Although Asmodeus gained divine might from his foul deed, he and his followers also suffered their victim’s dying curse. Under the power of that malediction, all the rebellious angels twisted in form and became devils. Worse still, the murdered god’s words transformed Asmodeus's dominion into a nightmarish place and bound the newborn devils to it. To this day, devils plot to escape their prison, weaving lies and corruption to ensure their eventual freedom and to seize even greater power.

Asmodeus rules Hell with despotic pride, and all devils conform to his strict hierarchy or face destruction. Within the chain of command, lesser devils use whatever power they have to mimic their ultimate leader. Devils work to gain influence in the cosmos, especially among mortals in the world. They eagerly respond to any summons and readily form cleverly worded pacts. They plan and build to meet their needs, making and using all sorts of devices, tools, and weapons. A devil might be supernaturally potent, and it might possess incredible magic items, but its greatest assets are its shrewdly calculating mind and eternal patience. Devils want to impose a sort of order -- specifically theirs -- on the cosmos.

Not so with demons.

In the Abyss, which gapes like a festering wound in the landscape of the Elemental Tempest, demons teem, eternally divided among themselves simply by their insatiable lust for ruin. Legend says that the Chained God, Tharizdun, found a seed of evil in the young cosmos, and during the gods’ war with the primordials, he threw that seed into the Elemental Tempest. There, the evil seed despoiled all that came into contact with it (some say it tainted Tharizdun himself) and created the Abyss as it burned a hole in the very structure of the plane. Elemental beings that came too close to the Abyss became trapped and warped. Any desire they have turns to the longing to obliterate the gods, creation, and even one another. They became demons.

Most demons are savage and fearless engines of annihilation. Although sometimes driven by unspeakable yearning or by horrifying demon lords to gather in groups, demons have no real organization and no singular aim. Demons don’t negotiate, and they build nothing lasting. Most use tooth and claw rather than artificial weapons. They care little or nothing for souls. Even the mightiest demon lords manipulate other demons by using threats, direct violence, or the promise of more destruction through affiliation. Although the lords of the Abyss that veteran D&D players know and love to hate still exist, no monolithic hierarchy supports any demon’s influence. Although a demon might want to destroy another creature and take that creature’s power, success only results in the winning demon using and squandering what it has seized. Demons have no regard for the responsibilities of authority, and they care little for keeping what they acquire. They’re forces of unmaking, and a universe under them would reflect the horror that is the Abyss, if that universe survived at all.

What does a clearer distinction between the two major species of fiends mean for your game? If you need a devious fiend that cares about souls and works on long-term schemes, use a devil. However, wholesale slaughter, pointless suffering, and terrifying devastation call for a demon. A villain or even a player character might bargain with devils, but those who conjure demons do so only to wreak havoc on their enemies. In short, the unambiguous division of the fiends is another way 4th Edition makes the game easier to design for and to play.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
OranjДата: Вторник, 09.10.2007, 23:02 | Сообщение # 18
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Травиан - браузерная игра
skirmirДата: Среда, 10.10.2007, 08:35 | Сообщение # 19
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Главу из Короля Орков можно скачать сдесь.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
gogoloДата: Среда, 10.10.2007, 11:13 | Сообщение # 20
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Жесть!!!! а когда примерно выйдет 4 эдишн?

Я нихрена не знаю,
Потому, что я не дед,
Не плавал, не летал,
Не воевал и не сидел.
BlessedmanДата: Среда, 10.10.2007, 15:45 | Сообщение # 21
The Mercykiller
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Лето 2008.

Чтобы меня видеть, в меня нужно верить.
skirmirДата: Суббота, 13.10.2007, 21:25 | Сообщение # 22
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The warlock wasn't part of the adventuring party we originally pictured stepping out of the first 4th Edition Players Handbook. As you might expect, the original party included most all the incumbents, with sorcerers and bards alongside wizards and monks.

But the warlock was in our thoughts. Coming out of Complete Arcane, the class's chief innovation had been its eldritch blast ability, which provided unlimited arcane firepower round after round after round. After some initial shock, everyone admitted that the warlock's eldritch blast didn't break the game. The class's ability to maintain relevant arcane attack power, instead of running out of finite resources like a wizard, had a great deal of influence on our early thoughts about 4th Edition. We understood that the warlock didn't have to be the exception. All of our classes might be improved by having abilities they could count on all day long.

Fast forward a couple of drafts into the future. We'd started understanding that our power-rich approach to the classes meant that we almost certainly wouldn't be launching with every class we might want to. Our understanding of the party roles indicates that the sorcerer and the wizard might very well be standing on each other's toes and pointy hats. Then, once we saw the concept art Bill O'Connor provided for tieflings, we knew that we had to commit to including tieflings as a PC race, rather than just hopeful it would work out (more on that in a future Design & Development column).

And what class would tieflings naturally gravitate to? A class that acquired scary powers by negotiating , pacts with shadowy, infenral, or feral patrons? That worked for us. But what we didn't know at the time was how dramatically the warlock class would improve as we progressed through design. Of all the classes, the warlock has made the greatest strides from its initial concept to its final execution. In truth, we've been aided by the fact that the class doesn't have a weighty existing legacy. There aren't thousands of D&D players who have a solid and well-reasoned idea of exactly what a warlock's powers should accomplish. Whenever we came up with something cool and flavorful, we felt entirely free to try it out -- instead of qualifiedly free, as we often felt with several other classes.

Tieflings begin with a backstory of splintering betrayals and stolen power. Warlocks carry on with a fundamental choice of a pact with one of three varieties of supernatural patron. I'm leaving the specific pacts out of this, but I will say that the pacts provide direct benefits when you send an enemy you've marked to their afterlife reward; your patrons show their gratitude by giving you a Boon of Souls. And when you play a warlock, you have the tools to put your enemies away. Rather than relying only on eldritch blast, you'll also have an arsenal of curses (send enemy directly to hell for a round, then bring them back in more pieces), conjurations (maws -- connected to beings that remain thankfully off-screen -- materialize to chew your enemies), and movement powers (teleport and turn invisible, anyone?) to get you out of the trouble you're surely going to get yourself into.

From the perspective of lead designer, it's easy to see when a class is working out. I just have to notice the ease with which the designers and developers create cool mechanics for it. The warlock is feeling no pain, in contrast to her future enemies.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
SvolkДата: Вторник, 16.10.2007, 15:05 | Сообщение # 23
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Случайно наткнулся на перевод небольших(2.3мб PDF с картинками) статей о 4й редакции. Переводчик - Вальгринд, первые две были опубликованы на "Ролемансере".

Никого не бойся.
Никому не верь.
Никого не люби.
NecrosisДата: Среда, 17.10.2007, 15:58 | Сообщение # 24
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Лишь официальная информация о 4 редакции выложена на русском сайте
Вот прямая ссылка
Гораздо больше можно узнать на официальных форумах Wizard of the Coast....

Вот одни из наиважнейших изменений в механике:

для начала уровни расы... теперь не только классы повышаются, но сама раса... как сказали разработчики, в трехсполовинной редакции орк-воин и дворф-воин на выскоих уровнях мало чем отличались из-за шмота и класса... теперь же с расовыми уровнями отличие будет большое... и уберут штрафы к расам... допустим тифлинг будет качаться как человек, но его расовые способности (типа темновидения и сопротивляемости огню и прочим элементам) будут браться как фиты на определнном уровне... у дроу допустим сопротивление магии будет браться только на 10+ уровне... где-то 16-ом...

далее.... фиты для война... теперь выбор любимого оружия еще более важен, чем раньше... именно с любимым оружием воин будет на равне с магом по силе... будет множество фитов на любимое оружие...

дальше... изменили механику боя... теперь врагов будет больше... куда больше... то есть на патю из 4-х человек, будет группа монстров из 5-6 равная им по силе... в 3.5 редакции монстры рассчитывались по CR (рейтинг опасности), допустим Солар имеет рейтинг 23... значит он рассчитан на партию из четырех человек 23 уровня... теперь будет наоборот, вместо одиночных сильных монстров, партия получит группу монстров равную им по силам и способностям...

принцип построения данжеонов тоже изменится... они станут более реалистинчными, теперь ловушки и прочее не будут считаться за этаких мобов определенного уровня, как раньше...

Как написанно в четвертой редакции "старый мир падет, а на его костях воспрянет новый"...

в Бааторе скорее всего возможно восстание... Мефистофель, Белиал и Фиерна готовят заговор, также Диспатер на их стороне... первая цель - графиня ведьма, дальше скорее всего Вельзявул... ну и наконец будет свободен Левитус, хозяин Стигии...

вообщем им будет не до Войны Крови...

какая-то фигня намечается на плане Фуги и Гадесе... кстати, если пройти аддон, то можно узнать подробнее)

Серебрянные Пределы будут уничтожены... то есть уничтожены, как союз городов... скорее всего Эверлунд и Сундабар падут... Сильверимун выжевет, но Алустриэль придестя заключить временный союз со своим давним врагом, Обоулдом Многострелом, который, кстати, создаст первое орочье королевство на севере (подробнее в книге "Король Орков" выходит в этом месяце, пока тока на англ. языке)

первое - смерть Мистры и уничтожение Плетения - маги сходят с ума, умирают... дальше различные катаклизмы типа землятрясения, наводнений, извержений вулканов по всему Фаэруну...
второе - смерть Хелма... из-за махинаций Сайрика Тир убьет Хелма... война между светлыми богами...
заточение Сайрика за его преступления на его плане на 1000 лет...
Шар становится сильнее... маги от безысходности используют Темное Плетение...
Возрождение Нетерила в вие Империи Тьмы... (почти вся пустыня станет этаким отражением Плана Тени)
Мулгоранд восстанавливает силы и нападает на Унтер, возрожение древней Мулгоранжской империи на востоке (видимо после Унтера обратят внимание на Тэй, тем более маги лишились своих сил)
какие-то непонятки с Келемвором (узнаем тока в аддоне)
Бэйн попытается всеми силами остановить Сайрика дабы получить обратно свою божественную мощь... того же хочет и Маск...
смерть кучи дворфийских богов, смерть большинства богов дроу и обычных эльфов...
вот... ключевые моменты... - Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World
NardДата: Среда, 17.10.2007, 16:27 | Сообщение # 25
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какая-то фигня намечается на плане Фуги и Гадесе... кстати, если пройти аддон, то можно узнать подробнее)

WotC явно обкатывает некоторые моменты из 4й редакции на аддоне к НВН2
к примеру в 4ке планируется увеличение нормальных (не эпических) уровней до 30 и вот мы уже видим в аддоне ввиде нормального роста БаБ и спасов до 30 ур
skirmirДата: Среда, 17.10.2007, 19:03 | Сообщение # 26
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Quote (Nard)
в Бааторе скорее всего возможно восстание... Мефистофель, Белиал и Фиерна готовят заговор, также Диспатер на их стороне... первая цель - графиня ведьма, дальше скорее всего Вельзявул... ну и наконец будет свободен Левитус, хозяин Стигии...

Графиню уже сместили и заменили дочерью Асмодэя - Гласией. Да и восстание уже было, звалось оно Reckoning of Hell. Я не говорю что воя информация неправильная, просто иногда смешивают прошлое с будущим или неправильно истолковывают доступную информацию(например некоторие думают что Мистрил была мужчиной wink ).
Часть интриг Асмодэя и назначение Карги на на пост Графини было по сути подготовка к назначению Гласии и преобразованию ее новой территории.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.

Сообщение отредактировал skirmir - Четверг, 18.10.2007, 10:27
skirmirДата: Четверг, 18.10.2007, 10:28 | Сообщение # 27
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Сдесь можно скачать собрание инфы о 4 редакции.

Кошки всегда приземляются на лапаы. Хлеб всегда падает маслом вниз. Подброшенная кошка с привязанным к спине хлебом будет парить в состоянии квантумной нерешительности.
gogoloДата: Четверг, 18.10.2007, 12:25 | Сообщение # 28
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Огромное спасибо за инфу. оч интересно. respect

Я нихрена не знаю,
Потому, что я не дед,
Не плавал, не летал,
Не воевал и не сидел.
NecrosisДата: Четверг, 18.10.2007, 23:00 | Сообщение # 29
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В интернет просочился первый монстр из 4-ой редакции. Встречайте - Spined Devil!

Medium Immortal Humanoid (Devil)

Senses: Nethersight, Perception +5
Resist Fire 20

- Melee 2 claws +9 vs AC each: 2d4+4
- Spine Rain Standard; ranged 10; +9 Dex vs. Ref; 1d6+2 + 2d6 fire AND Poisoned 5, Slowed while Poisoned

SKILLS: Spot +10

AC 20
REF 18
HP/Bloodied 47/23

Str +7 (19) Con +5 (14) Dex +5 (15) Int +5 (15) Wis +5 (14) Cha +5 (15)

PERCEPTION - результат слияния Spot и Listen.

ATTACK VS ___ - показывает какой тип защиты будет использоваться против этой защиты, например против ближней физической защиты используется AC, а против выстрела шипами используется REF.

SKIRMISHER - модель поведения монстра в бою. Конкретно SKIRMISHER занимается тем, что наносит удары из засады и снова скрывается, вообщем как плут в какой то мере.

BLOODIED - это термин предположительно означает состояние потери половины хитов. Логично предположить что у воинов будет способность стоять до последнего, а у плутов подтолкнуть падающего.

NETHERSIGHT - термин встречается впервые. Можно предположить, что это некий вид зрения, которому не мешает любая (в том числе магическая) тьма. Возможно - зрение преисподней или адское зрение.
Отдельное спасибо за собрание, Malkavian - Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World

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Возможно инфа подобного содержания уже выкладывалась здесь, но все же.

‘D&D 4th Edition’ Announced at Gen Con
Online Component Added
August 16, 2007

Wizards of the Coast is announcing at GenCon today that it will release the 4th Edition of its category-leading Dungeons and Dragon roleplaying game in 2008, the first full new edition in eight years. The three core books will be released next summer on a monthly schedule: Player’s Handbook in May, Monster Manual in June, and Dungeon Master’s Guide in July. Pricing and page counts of the new products will be consistent with current packaging. Graphics have been updated, art will be used on the covers, and interior design has been opened up to make the books less intimidating to new players.

Lead-in products, Wizards Presents: Classes and Races and Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters, will be released in December. An April release, Keep of the Shadowfell, will include a set of quickstart rules for 4E.

While there are changes in play (such as incorporating “epic-level play,” with 30 levels instead of 20), they are described as “evolutionary” rather than “revolutionary.” Other changes include new power sources, changes in resource management, and new encounter design, and more clearly defined monster roles. Changes will speed play, make the game easier to learn, and make DM-ing easier. Concepts for 4th Edition gameplay were tested in the new Star Wars RPG, and the Book of 9 Swords.

What the company does describe as revolutionary is the method of product delivery, which will incorporate online play for the first time. WotC is incorporating online components into the game through a new Website, Each paper product will include codes to unlock digital versions on the site for a “nominal” activation fee. Players will also be able to use DnDInsider tools and access regular new content similar to the material that was previously released in Dragon and Dungeon magazines (see “Interview with Liz Schuh“) for a monthly fee (as yet undetermined) greater than the old subscription price, but less than a MMORPG subscription. Magazine-style content will be added to the site three times a week and compiled into digital “issues” monthly.

Gameplay features on the Web will include a digital D&D game table, and voice chat and text messaging, to allow online players to communicate with each other. The online play is designed to “supplement, not replace” meatspace play.

The Open Gaming License will continue as it has in the past, allowing the use of the rules in other publishers’ games.

Work on the new edition began in 2005, with the major work all accomplished in the last year.

D&D products released between now and the launch of 4th Edition will fall into three groups. Edition-proof products (which are mostly story) will not include mechanics that are edition-specific. Some products will be “enhanced” to 4th Edition mechanics after release through DnDInsider, and a couple of series will end as 3.5 products.

The setting for the core books are campaign neutral. Forgotten Realms will be the first campaign setting to be updated (in August 2008). Other campaign settings will be updated at a rate of one per year.

Marketing support will initially focus on migrating the existing player base, and then move to an acquisition strategy to re-activate lapsed players and acquire new ones. Midnight launch parties will be used to kick off sales of the first new release in May.

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You cannot kill what you did not create.

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